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List of staff who need to be more active.
These staff who are in this list are not active enough because I barely  see them on SCP-RP
and if you do not agree comment below.

The Siren- Never even seen him on SCP-RP might have once but not seen him for ages.

Lag the Pro -  I am not sure on this one but I do see him on it but not a lot and I don't see him a lot on forums either.

Rainbow Dash - Have seen him on it but only once a week on it I see him.

I have not added mods on this because they are beginners of being staff.

And there might be more but I hope not for I just want this staff team to be active and doing there job.
and if you are on that list you still can be took of it by being more active c:
[Image: 6dee70a50a57bc0a70d03447d28add7ee3b084e7...7f1ecb.jpg]

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