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To the Owners (About things in general)
First of all I have a message directed to Wyde.

The English community for Gmod in general isn't dying, There are plenty of RP servers that are maxed out with players 24/7.

Every server you have created has died or is barely hanging on.

- Military, City, Kingdom and even Starwars (which you said would be a great success) All currently dead .
- School, SCP and Hogwarts are just about hanging on somehow.
These servers aren't dying from just a lack of players, most of the failure of these are on your behalf

- You rarely update, small updates are what keeps players and people coming to the servers but you don't seem to understand that and because of a lack of updates both staff and players lose interest.

- The updates you do... they suck half the time, you add things people havent asked for and when you do add things it takes months of convincing for you to actually do it.

- You say you want to focus on one server at a time but the fact is you update one server and the others die, you then try to save another one and that same server you update dies too because you left it alone for too long and your neglect for servers is never ending.

In all honesty yes when servers die staff don't go on but the fault still lies with you making false promises, you promise to update or add something small but you never get around to it and it takes weeks of Me and badger pestering you to actually get you to do something.

 I think you are a good guy but a good owner? As of the current situation, hell no..... 
- You appear once in a blue moon to discuss issues.
- It takes you weeks if not even months to do a update.
- You ignore us when we ask for updates and fixes.
- You think that demotion in the answer to all issues.
You seriously need to start interracting with this community more and doing more things for it but dont focus on one server at a time, update EVERY single server with small updates on a regular basis. Other communities can do it so why can't you? if you really want to be the best and beat other servers then do your damn job and update and listen to the people on this community. Other servers aren't stealing our players, they simply offer better RP and a better community.

As for Alex Nord, you are one of my close friends but all me and other staff have done is see you simply sit on your rank.

All me and other people see you do, is you coming on servers breaking rules and being yelles at to do your job and be a example.....
- When there is a issue and we need a Owners decision you simply say do what you want, knowing it is not a real solution and you do this so the blame is never placed on you but a owner NEEDS to come up with solutions instead of cowering away from issues.
- On SchoolRP Badger and Bormeus had to tell you to stop spawning weapons in the past and had to tell you to not spawn the rape swep.
- I have had to ban you on Hogwarts for you freespelling, ruining events and causing trouble.
- You have pissed around countless times on EVERY IG server and everytime you have to be yelled at by lower ranks to sort yourself out.
- You told me and other staff you didn't unban someone when infact you did, you turn on your words and actions when you realise people will dislike your choice and as a owner you should not be doing this, you should not be lying to people.
- Today I asked you if you could unban someone as I couldn't get on Gmod, you couldn't even do that.
I understand you have had a rough time, I know you do your job however that is on rare occasion and only when you have to. I get you are trying your best but.... currently from everyones perspective you aren't acting like how a owner should and all you seem to do is simply sit on your rank.

As for Badger, he's an amazing friend but I'm just stating my opinion based on his actions that he has taken as owner.
In all Honesty Badger seems to do most of the work as Owner, yes he's been involved in some dram and yes theres been issues with him but everytime there is a issuehe keeps his word, he does not lie and go back on it. He has been nothing but honest and if thereis a probblem he lets staff and people talk those problems through instead of him getting upset and leaving.
Like I said there have been some problems but I do think Badger is doing a good job and is trying his best because atleast he takes peoples opinions on and works hard for a solution unlike most.
Badger has lost some motivation due to Wydes behaviour and other staff members behaviour, however he still wants the best for the community and is trying and he actually listens and does what a Owner should.

- Servers need gradual updates and need to be focused on all together.
- Owners need to be truthful and stay with their decisions.
- Owners Need to do their damn jobs (one is actually doing most the work)
- We need to work together, we need Wyde to talk to usmore and appear more so we can fix these issues.

To put it bluntly....If these changes aren't made IG will die, We will no longer have players and a large amount of staff will most likely be leaving. In all honesty I don't know if anyone will bother listening to my opinion but I felt like it needed to be said.
Read and approved. i'll do my best
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I'd just like to mention that it wouldn't take to much work to fix kingdom considering all you have to do is copy and paste the bloody updates the staf team came up with, jon coded and I posted again for you.
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Wyde I would also like you to get in contact with me because you've said you would weeks ago but you haven't. 

Its gotten to the point where some of my staff and BOTH supporters left because you wouldn't contact ANYONE with an SCP tag.
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(01-05-2017, 11:32 AM)Wyde Wrote: Read and approved. i'll do my best

In all honesty every time someone has an issue that's all you say in response, do you mean it this time or are you saying that just so people will think you are making a attempt?

Eva have 100% Reason.
Since long time ago Wyde appear when he wants, dont care about some staff in the community,
"he did to me to". 
Everytime i send him messages he dont reply, i try everytime to give him ideas and codding to help the server but he dont reply..
It can take months or years to update the server Hogwarts and the other servers.. It was promisse to have a new map for hogwarts and the only thing u did was a small update. 
Like Eva say: You seriously need to start interracting with this community. A true Owner lead every community, helps everyone and do everything for every server be fine and better.

Alex Nord

I know you for long now, but what i've been seeing was you sit on your Rank, comming on servers and break the rules and i saw Eva yell at you on hogwarts for you to do your job.
You as owner, you need to give solutions and dont pass to others like u are doing this days.
Basically you dont do your job as a owner. Alex you are a good friend but you need to open your eyes and think about this situation and our future. 
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I have to agree with everyone the staff make commitments to the servers and do what they can to enforce the rules and help the players its only fair that the owners do the same there is only so much we can do.


Being the community owner and having to check the status on the server is one thing but keeping connected to your staff should be vital. Me and Principee were dealing with a bugged server that needed a restart this is now fixed as people know but several days to restart a server? Also thanks for the warning when you did restart it not everyone can keep an eye on the forums and 40 players wondering what was going on.

I believe you need to be more connected to your staff.


Im not really sure what to say about Nord really I have seen him several times on the server but doing his job is another story. I have had several encounters with nord where he would abuse the dementor and just dragoner a whole class just to kill someone on his hit list. But I admit he does do his job every now and then but mostly he leaves it to the staff no matter how many are on.

You don't really give the staff team a good image going around killing everyone.

I hate to do this to the owners but like everyone in this thread I believed it was necessary.
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I feel the same way as everyone else, Floretta is completely correct here in all accounts and I'm sure she is just speaking out on what everyone is currently thinking. Nord, I like you as a person but since I joined the community, not even as staff, I haven't seen you do anything... But the same and much more goes to Wyde, absolute jack shit has been done and you NEED to actually do something that isn't increasing TS slots, a bland banner for the forums or a quick update for Hogwarts just to give it a bump in popularity.
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(01-07-2017, 06:59 AM)JaVaL Wrote: I feel the same way as everyone else, Floretta is completely correct here in all accounts and I'm sure she is just speaking out on what everyone is currently thinking. Nord, I like you as a person but since I joined the community, not even as staff, I haven't seen you do anything... But the same and much more goes to Wyde, absolute jack shit has been done and you NEED to actually do something that isn't increasing TS slots, a bland banner for the forums or a quick update for Hogwarts just to give it a bump in popularity.

The update to Hogwarts was actually really good. However, there are still some things that need fixing.

As for the main topic, as the senior of MilitaryRP I can say that when Wyde commits to something, he can do it well. The problem is usually him to do it (sometimes suggestions are understandably held back due to it not really being suitable for the roleplay aim of the server, or taking up too much time for something that isn't necessary or not fully tested, ect.).

I guess I am gonna stick up for Alex a bit here, as what's been going on in the community sometimes revolves a fair bit around the interests of the staff themselves. As said in most staff meetings for the individual servers, how staff appear to new players greatly dictates whether or not they will come back to the server(s) or not. To be honest, Alex could do more of the repetitive work side (eg. adding ranks), but the fact that often there is a lot of pressure on higher staff members to make bigger decisions from the interests of their friends within the community, compared with the interests of the players and other staff.

I think we can all safely say that we all have a part to play in the success of infinitygaming; it doesn't work if a few are working hard when others simply can't be arsed. This is when people being to stop feeling as though they should work hard themselves: if nothing visibly positive comes out of what they are doing.
To be fair the moderators,Admins,Head Admins,Super admin/Senior admins in truth are working harder then the owners in general and I find thousands of mods that are good for servers but none of them are added I see people doing suggestions of awesome mods such as the fallout mods for Garry's mod.
also I agree with the updates there are like barely any I know I haven't been an moderator on servers for ages but still I have been a user on it for ages and what do I see.
the community going down and down my response is sad because I love this community and I love making friends but you know what happens to the users who love these servers they abandoned it because it doesn't get any exciting things we have to entertain them but we can't because there isn't anything we can add because the owners can only do it.
so owners if your gonna be head of the community and the co heads of Infinity Gaming you got to do your job and make this community better if you don't all the other communities are gonna step over us and become just a piece of mud standing in the cold night and I am just gonna say I am not helping owners if they are not helping the community or helping the games or even helping those people and one final thing you need to look at what people say in your threads or they might message you and like Wyde he doesn't care for messages but you might not know it might be a great suggestion or a really nice compliment it can be anything good and if you reply the people will like you if you make updates the people will like you if you at least do something to help them so we can rise as community and not be in the mud but be in the warm nice spring spreading out and giving people joy and I don't want any ok i will try, I want actual see updates coming with exciting things and all other things if you do it and make people happy when they give you good compliments there will be a little emotion in you making you be happy and have a great day.

Thanks for reading and I hope I see this in the future.
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