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Abuse by Bravo Foxtrot
My name: Diza

It's about the Moderator ( Bravo Foxtrot ) STEAM_0:1:106572238

Because I killed someone I don't even wanted to kill.

I got a little problem with my Keyboard when I press enter like to send a mail or something I also shoot sometimes when I fail to press [ y ] to write a message  and i can't fix it because it's not working if i change it in the options.

Bravo Foxtrot just said that's rdm, ok thats right it was rdm in this way but he warned me before i could even explain my whole situation. 

I hope you can help me with that problem.
[Image: giphy.gif]
First it is RDM, if I was bravo I would still listen,
But maybe it was his decision and he thought it was right thing to do.
This conversation gone about 30 seconds so don't tell me he did listen to my opinion what happend.
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Sorry dude an RDM is an RDM u killed someone for no reason so u will get punished
Well no i can't find any words for this holy .....
[Image: giphy.gif]
Dont Rage When You Have Incriminated Yourself in a Abuse Report
Why is everyone still going on about this? He got demoted ages ago.
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[Image: 1odjq]
Really?? That's why I didn't see him. He actually did abuse a few times

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