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Bormeus' Resignation from IG:
Been a Member of Staff on this Community for about nine to ten months now...

And I believe it is about time I stopped.

I've already asked Eva to remove my rank on SchoolRP, but I thought I should make a post.

The reasons I'm resigning:
I'm resigning because that my will to be a Member of Staff of SchoolRP has been wavering for about two months or more.
The reasons for this is because that I generally don't like the gamemode, Badger has been difficult to deal with, both as my fellow Senior SA and superior/Co-Owner, and also the fact that the Community has (mostly) died again. The reason for my difficulties with Badger is because (according to me and my opinion) Badger has mostly acted only on his emotions, not logic, and not with True Professionalism.

Will I ever be Staff again?(Only for those who care):
Not on SchoolRP, but maybe other servers, if the conditions of the Community change (greatly) for the better. Which there is not too much hope for.

Will I be playing on the Community?:
Probably not, perhaps except for KingdomRP(When/if it revives), and HogwartsRP.

And with that, I wish the rest of the Community, good luck.
Signed By Bormeus

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I mean Badger has just stuck by his opinion, he's done his job rather well and remained active but anyways bye mate and good luck with things.
Bye Bormeus Sad Goodluck mate
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One. You're not fucking leaving because I'm not letting you. Two. Now that you're done with SchoolRP get your arse on Kingdom.
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Okay, In this following reply i am not going to say everything as some is more private and doesn't need to be shared with the community. I'm going to just try and keep it simple.

As a Senior Super Admin you didn't do your job on any of the three servers you had it, instead you sat on that rank on Kingdom and School RP. It took me coming back to revive Kingdom and me getting all of the School RP staff together to try and revive School, you did literally nothing to help those two servers when you got that rank. Nothing at all! 

You were demoted from SCP:RP because you did pretty much nothing, your lack of activity in game and accepting apps really hurt SCP. People constantly messaging me moaning about you and that you did nothing. 

In the 9-10 months you've been part of this community, I'm not sure what you've done to benefit it? apart from normal staff duties on Kingdom. You never helped with updates or pushed for updates? There was a reason why you were demoted when you first became Super Admin on Kingdom as you don't do your job when you get to a high rank.I used to be in my opinion good friends with you, i loved playing on Kingdom with you and being staff with you.

The only time you did your job on School RP was when told to by another member of staff. We disagreed on an issue which you knew very little about as you came in half way through and never knew the full story, we disagreed on it and in my opinion you were pretty disrespectful to me. 

I will miss you my viking friend. Take care.
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Badger is right for I have never seen Bormeus and I have never seen Bormeus on the servers schoolrp or Hogwarts and even SCP-RP and also Badger actually goes on the Infinity-Gaming servers.
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Bormeus. You were the one who taught me how to a admin, you helped me when i needed and overall your a kind fun guy, i hope we meet again in a garrys mod server someday.
BioToxic Mate
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