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perma ban istead of timed
So i will make this quick so i ws just asually playing on the server and some minutes ago i noticed that some people have been strating to get banned (not perma ban) and after that i saw that scp 049 was cuffed (not really) and so i as guard (sorry for that) just because about 3 times before 049 started an outbreak of zombies and i thougth that no body was wathching so i uncuffed him and told him to "turn" me and rigth after i get killed by anther more advanced guard (thats ok i get that) but rigth after i spawn an admin known as joker just perma bans me for no  reason it coud be a timed ban or a warn but he just does that and s
im begging pls let me keep playing in your server (even if you please down all my level stats to 0 its fair but i love your scp rp server) and so i end my request i hope you look at my case carefully.
[Image: Google+it+it+should+be+one+of+the+first+...a19f61.jpg]freddythefazbear3
From what you have said this seem's like a very harsh ban, however i'll wait for Joker's response as i'm sure he had more reason's to ban you.
Please make use the template because you are going to trigger Joker
Reason: Did not use template
Please use the template then we will reconsider unbanning you
[Image: giphy.gif]RewardTerror

Considering you claim to "love" SCPRP, you would learn the rules to make sure you wouldn't part from it. It was your own fault for being banned by me because you broke 2 rules simultaniously.

Your ban will be reduced. Any fuck up again will result in a permanent ban.

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