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A Kingdom Update?!
A Kingdom Update

We had a meeting the other day to discuss "Kingdom v2"/"Project Resurrection" and it went okay. However it now seems clear that this is something that mainly me and some other staff will mainly discuss and come up with the final idea/plan. 

So what i want, is if you have any ideas for kingdom or suggestions (A faction idea, Lore, player models, random jobs, ETC.) please reply to this thread either with the full idea or a link to a suggestion thread you have made. 

The map we are planning on using is (RP Medieval 2, So try and base your ideas around whats on this map however any suggestions are welcome. We have already decided on 5 of the main factions which include Reach, Stormlands, Dwarves, Demons/monsters and The Outcasts (See this link). There is still so much more can add, and idea's we could use.

Thanks! I'll let you know of any developments.
Message me on steam if you have any questions.

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