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Rules might need to be looked at
Well, so i really dont agree with 2 rules at the moment. 
First of all the fact that no class is allowed to run away from prefects. I got told by H-admins that even if you´re a death eater you cant run if you have done something you arent allowed to do. BUT you are ment to stand still and be arrested because if you run it would count as a failrp action.

Now the next rule i really think it should be remade, as you arent allowed to use spells as a student, (UNLESS) Your in class and you get tought that spell..

Me and a friend was standing away from everything, and everyone not borthering anyone using Greensparks, Redsparks, and Avice once, and we get arrested for using spells such as that far away from people. 

So the thing i notice, is that the admins allow some people to use spells in non-rp action even spells that damage people, but yet i cant use a simple spell such as greensparks without getting warned or arrested.

Now i dont really get why spells such as greensparks and all those other spells should be in the game to use, if you cant use them as a normal student or any other student class..

I really think the rules should be remade like so you can use these kind of spells, and not get arrested or get a warning. You could even make them like "If you´re annoying with these spells Prefects have the right to arrest you" 
But if you arent near anyone and you and you´re m8 are just having a giggle throwing around spells like green sparks, leave them be as they arent ruining the rp experience for anyone else..

Just think about this. 

Sorry if this post has a lot of grammar mistakes.
well if the person arrests you for greensparks or avis (prankspells) he is RDA'ing you because it is clearly in the new rulebook it is prankspell

These are the spells you may use freely:
- Healing Spells
- Light Spells
- Movement Spells
- Prank Spells

Prank or fun spells which are:
- Purple Firecracker
- Avis
- Tarangtula
- Periculum
- Inflatus

Using prank spells in class can however get you into trouble so be careful!!
Do not spam Light spells as this will then be considered freespelling!
[Image: giphy.gif]
i thinkit was me who arrested you, but you was using green sparks inside class
[Image: tumblr_mbj7o2UBKD1qfbwkto1_500.gif]
No sheaconn, it was alex columbia or something who arrested me at the wall outside the school for doing avis

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