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I would like to be unbanned on hogwarts rp
i was banned for saying allahu akbar i wasnt told i could get banned instantly when you say it and wasnt given a chance to to say this to the adin that banned me so what im going against is how you shouldnt be able to ban somone for saying a word they werent told you cant say. yes its in the rules but no one gos on a random server to read the rules thats takes a good 30 mins to not play on it again yes i spent quite a bit of time on the server and kinda forgot about reading the rules so my fault but thats not an excuse to ban a "New" Player. This is why i want to be unbanned 

 i was banned by shea fardosh time says never so i guess permabanned my ingame name is Daniel Power and my steam is MrMc Peanut
(If i did this wrong, sorry ive never been banned off a server before.)

Use the template please!!
[Image: 8e8U1F0.gif]

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