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A Thread talking about SCP-513
Hey there;
My name is Marplus Dankinus, on the Forums and on the servers Marple. (Jokes)
I am a somewhat old SCP-RP player (Who hasn't got a really high level because of his long time pauses from SCP-RP)

Thank you for giving Technician Unit a damn skin <3

So, i wanna talk about SCP-513.
There are a couple things i want to get changed around him.
Now don't get this wrong, this is something other people would agree on.

First of all: It's technically not SCP-513 but SCP-513-1. Let's just say as a matter of fact that the Cowbell isn't the humanoid entity you are roleplaying as. You aren't doing Ding Dong when someone tolls you, duh.
To be honest, i didn't even see the Cowbell SCP-513-1 is contained. I have no clue if this is lorewise, you can surely clear me up on that one with a comment.

2nd Thing: Roleplaying as him. Horrible. Just Awful. Almost Impossible.
It's not a thing about the player roleplaying as him, more like the thing that it's geniuenly the whole facility.
Now, people never get SCP-513. They either see SCP-513-1 and start running away, even though you are clearly invisible, or they shut doors on you. SCP-513(-1) is one of those "unpopular no clue how to roleplay"-CPs, UCPs short.
Now, that would also be the thing about the other people failrping, but if the facility CLOSES OFF THE DAMN DOORS EVERY TIME I TRY TO STALK SOMEBODY FOR TOLLING THE NON-EXISTENT BELL: IT GRINDS MY GEARS!

That's why i have a solution: Give him Noclip. Just like SCP-102 has.
"But Marple, thats gonna be abu-"
Does 102 get abused quite often? Yes. Does somebody actually whine about it that much? Well, Yes. BUT HE STILL HAS NOCLIP.
And for those saying giving an SCP Noclip because he hasn't had one from the start: It's nowhere to be found in the damn SCP-Archives (Wikipedia); So it's technically canon because you can imagine it however you want.

SCP-Wiki Wrote:"Roughly one hour after exposure, exposure victims begin to catch glimpses of SCP-513-1 when opening doors, walking past mirrors, turning their heads, or performing any other actions that result in a sudden change in visual perception."


I'm geniuenly asking for forgiveness for activating Caps-Lock everytime, but this makes me mad.
Why did you even add SCP-513(-1) if you didn't even make him Roleplay-able?

This is the reason he should get noclip. It would be so easy to roleplay, and people would have fun at it and use more time on the server and maybe even donate to get VIP/Donator (BUT DON'T YOU DARE MAKE 513 VIP/DONATOR ALL OF THE SUDDEN.)

Then there is the 3rd thing: He's unpopular. Guess why. Because you didn't make him as nice as SCP 049; 096 and 102 as an example. There is so much more roleplay potential in 513-(1) than in 102.

"Oooooh, i'm a spooky black guy who can get you into my pocket dimension. And that's pretty much it."


Addendum: Text recovered from Site-██ Wrote:"You’ve seen it. Now he can hear you.
You’ve touched it. Now he can see you.
Never ring it. If you hear it, he can touch you."

PS: 102s Backstory may be the most amazing story in SCP-History, but this is not about his History, it's about how you can roleplay him ingame. So don't get this wrong. SCP-102 is great, really great. Lorewise.

I even asked an admin (not gonna say who) on his opinion of SCP-513. He said that he is a boring non-kill on sight SCP who never get's tested on.

I wonder why.

You have your own opinions, i have mine.
But you should seriously make SCP-513 what it diserves to be. A Cowbell which gives you utter terror comparable to SCP-096 terror. Much slower.

[Image: rH2NdDZ.jpg]
Look at that fab, man. Who would win in a fashion contest? I'm going with 513-1 tbh.
I agree ppl don't know how to roam as 513. He should get flying swep because he is a ghost. Or switch it with a real 513 npc.
+1, it's lore-friendly and would make playing as him better.
[Image: ukivej.jpg]

His name is 106 not 102 xD, but +1 for this One.
[Image: 97416250e2696dd5884bb4d4ec2f1d0b76df2844...50e90b.jpg]
"You ring the bell, not thinking anything of it since 513 is usually a shit SCP which usually is just your pet, he follows you around awhile, he then gets stuck behind a door, you open it and 513 isn't there, he probably got tped to something or disconnected, you turn around and see him, fully visible, in your face, you scream and try to run but it's no use, you hide somewhere you think he'll never go, past the gas room, you open the doors and run inside, you see him again, covered by the gas, the doors close, you are never seen again."

I love it
Hello, I'm Dr Alto Clef. You may know me as just "Clef" or you've read about me in tales time from time.

And just remember, I'm always watching ya.


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