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Admin commands

Hello. I am dennis who know pretty much about ULX and FAdmin commands and some stuff what is on server. And I wanna share knowledge about powers you gonna have or you actually didn't know. Most of commands are easy to use by chat but somethimes feel free use it trough menu. Also every time commands is usually in minutes. And I hope this will help you in future. 

Basic stuff and tricks

You can open menu by typing in game "!menu" or in console "ulx menu" or also you can make a bind for it. (example: bind "o" "ulx menu"). Also if you have problem with noclip when you press V and nothing happening you should bind this (bind "v" "ulx noclip"). Do you have problem with targeting players ? Use this in console "_senddarkrpvars" or you can be little and do this bind (bind "w" "+forward ;_senddarkrpvars") it will actually let your "w" fully normal and you will be able to see people RP names. Somethimes is awesome to bind jail for some reason you can do by (bind "j" "ulx jail @")

Little explanation of targeting people

@ = You will person under your crosshair
^ = You will target only yourself
* = You will target everyone on server under your rank

Commands and an explanation of how it works

Chat commands
  • asay (@ <message>) = its actually admin chat
  • tsay (@@ <message>) =  It will send message globaly trough chat
  • csay (@@@ <message>) = Its message what will appears in middle screen
  • psay (!p <player> <message>) = its same system like "/pm <name> <message>" its just private message
  • gag (!gag <player>) = It will mute person voice chat so he wont be able to speak in-game
  • ungag (!ungag <player>) = It will ungag person who was muted and than he can use voice chat
  • mute (!mute <player>) = It will mute person chat so he wont be able to type in-game chat
  • unmute (!unmute <player>) = It will unmute person chat so he will be able to use in-game chat again
  • thetime (!thetime) = It will show server time. but not your time.
DarkRP commands
  • arrest (!arrest <player> <reason>) = This will arrest player like with arrest stick in prison
  • unarrest (!unarrest <player>) = This will unarrest player who was arrested in prison
  • banish (!banish <player>) = This command will send player back to spawn (its not working good so dont use it)
  • changename (!changename <player> <new name>) = This command will force-change his name to anything you put in
  • rules (!rules <player>) = This will open person rules page. (its not working good so dont use it)
  • closerules (!closerules <player>) = This command will close page rules for that player
  • demote (!demote <player>) = This command will force-demote player from job to class D
  • fa (!fa) = This command will froze all props on server
  • profile (!profile <name>) = Opens a link to the player's steam steam profile
  • setjob (!setjob <player> <job>) = This will force-change player job even job will be full
Fun commands
  • hp (!hp <player> <1-2147483647>) = This will set player hp to number you put
  • armor (!armor <player> <0-255>) = This command will set person armor from 0 to 255 max
  • cloak (!cloak <player>) = This command will make person invisible
  • uncloak (!uncloak <player>) = This command will uncloak person who was invisible
  • freeze (!freeze <player>) = This command will freeze player so he cant move or even walk (dont touch person again with physgun)
  • unfreeze (!unfreeze <player>) = This command will unfreeze player who got "!freeze"
  • jail (!jail <player> <time>) = If you dont put time on it player will be in jail and wont get out
  • jailtp (!jailtp <player> <time>) = This is same as jail but it will also teleport player on your crosshair and will jail him
  • unjail (!unjail <player>) = This command will unjail player who was jailed by staff member
  • slay (!slay <player>) = This command will slay person and he will die
Teleport commands
  • bring (!bring <player>) = This command will bring player next to you
  • goto (!goto <player>) = This command will teleport you to player (somethimes you need noclip when player is on place where you cant be placed)
  • return (!return <player>) = This command will return player back to place where he was teleported before
  • send (!send <player1> <player2>) = This command will teleport player1 to player2
  • teleport (!tp <player>) = This command will teleport player under your crosshair and doesn't matter if there is something or not
Untility commands
  • ban (!ban <player> <time> <reason>) = This command will ban player from server for time you will set
  • xban/fban/banid (!xban, !fban) = This menu will let you ban player Steam ID with reason and ban lenght
  • kick (!kick <player> <reason>) = This will only kick player from server with reason
  • noclip (!noclip) = This will turn on noclip for you
  • spectate (!spectate <player>) = You will start spectating player.
  • unban (trough menu) = This will unban player Steam ID
  • warn (!warn <player> <reason>) = This will give player warning and after 4 warnings will get banned
  • who (ulx who) = this command after you type in console it will show you everyone on server and they ranks
Voting commands
  • vote (!vote <title> <option1> <option2>...) = This will start public vote on server and you will get result
  • voteban (!voteban <player> <time> <reason>) = This will start public vote if player will get banned from server
  • votekick (!votekick <player> <reason>) = This will start public vote if player should be kicked from server
"If you want to improve your world, then focus your attention on helping others" - John C. Maxwell

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Wolfy was here Tongue
or you could do !menu for all commands that you can currently use :3
[Image: giphy.gif]RewardTerror

Thanks Dennis for puting everything on one place! I have never knew !banish was command, is it usable?
its usable bot its not working how its supposed to do (its not working good so dont use it) <--- this have reason to be here Tongue
"If you want to improve your world, then focus your attention on helping others" - John C. Maxwell

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(03-30-2017, 06:40 PM)FurryWolfy Wrote: Wolfy was here Tongue

uhhh another fuzzbutt x3 haaayyy x3
Pentatron was here the Magnum 44 shot is near 

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