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Life Of An Adventurer (A Story)
Hello everyone...I'm Faramis..and I'm here to post a story like the archivist's archives,I did my best to write everything I could remember as a goodbye I think
[Also Archivist's archives are much better than what I'm going to write but I'll try my best.]
(for a better effect you can listen to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEWzbiEjsFI) BE WARNED:Be careful about your ears.Thanks
This Story thing will have 4 short chapters and an ending;1-Faramis's Journal Entries 2-Friends and Enemies 3-A New Power is Rising 4-No Dawn For Men 5-The End
Before I start I have no idea if I should post the other chapters...if you like it..let me know...thanks...

Chapter 1:Faramis's Journal Entries
Day 1-10: (level 1)
The ship has landed on this strange land,I see dangerous people around,better be careful and find a way to send a message my father..if he cares about me anymore of course...
I've found an empty inn,wonder if I can get some profit from this place,better be careful though..there are some people who decided to take the same path I did and clearly not "dangerous" hah..

Day 10-20: (Level 2 to 7)
I have found myself a job to do,now I'm making pies..selling wine and cleaning rooms...well I'm used to this..I wasn't considered as a noble at my homeland as well...
Only problem is the pest around here...the demons...kidanpping people,killing,raiding...what does a man need to get rid of them?!
The inn is running well and I made some profit,I think I might be able to work for a noble here so I can feel safer...If they don't mind that no one knows who my mother is,*the rest of this chapter is ruined by tears*

Day 20-30: (Level 7 to 14)
Why am I serving under a king who can't rule himself...the innocents are under constant threat and he is just..drinking wine..eating ham...What will happen to these lands..

We get raided by demons every night...I hope the king doesn't decide to lower the drawbridge and let them in for free!
I decided to "borrow" some armor from the armoury...well..they don't use it after all it shouldn't be that much of a problem,

Tonight I removed the rust from the armor,I just have to get it out of the kingdom without someone noticing it now..shouldn't be that much of a problem with some wine and gold

Day 30-40: (level 14 to 20)
I've been working as a mercenary for 10 days now,and I got double the gold I had from selling food!
People gives me gold to protect them on the road,most of the bandits doesn't even try to get close to us,because they know that I have a sword,they aren't that fool..I hope..

The Highwayman thought it would be a great idea to attack someone with only sticks and daggers made of stone,I tried to scare them off first,well..Killing one of them IS trying to scare them off right?

A strange woman wanted to hire me on her way to a temple on a snowy mountain and offered 2,000 golds I accepted the offer,no mercenary would say no to this..if they are not afraid of getting cold!

Day 40-45 (level 20 to 22)
We arrived to the temple,can you believe it? 700 steps...and where did we come to? God knows where...No one here talks at all...they just do what they do,eat,sleep and start over...

Tonight I heard some sobbing outside the cabin they gave me,went to check out if it was my client,I don't think you'll believe me but I saw a ghost...She pulled an axe out and started to run to me
she dissapeared before contact...I slept with one eye open.

Day 46: (level 22)
This place is starting to worry me,I'm always on guard after what happened yesterday night...I just hope I can survive this night as well...

I hear her again...but this time she is laughing..God..is this a payment for the bandit I killed?!  I'll investigate it...whatever happens..I will...
Luckily I bought a silver sword before the journey...I heard it was effective against ghosts but not good against any other living men..werewolves too I suppose
She had a knife in her hand...and...and...blood on the ground..it is..my client...she killed my client..oh now she'll pay for it! Ghost or not! I promised to keep my client safe!
I charged at her...screamed louder than I thought I could I felt her ectoplasm on my skin..pouring down to the bloody snow...that was when I understood..this land didn't need anyone else
this land needed a hero...I knew I wouldn't be the hero they wanted...but the hero they needed...

Day 50 (level 25-27)
A cold Night..and the last time I'm writing...I'll put you in a chest where everything I had stays in the past...my father's portrait..my banner..and you...my journal..

(There will be no more journal stuff for a long time,only 3rd person)
Faramis locked the chest and went to the tavern's bed at 1 am...thought about things he did..things he could've been..and things he couldn't...when he was nearly asleep
he could swear on his life that he still could feel the strangeness of the ectoplasm of the ghost he had...destroyed...on his hands.
                                                            END OF CHAPTER 1
if you liked this,I'll post the next chapter in one day as a REPLY TO THIS THREAD

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great job farramis, big fan of stuff like this, keep it going Smile
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Keep It Coming this is 

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Bloddy Amazing Big Grin , I cant wait for the next chapter
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| - Benjamin Raptor - |
Chapter 2:Friends And Enemies (level 30-35)
(FaramisBig Grinark cyan) (Matt:Yellow) (Cirilla:Brown) (other Characters:Blue)

Faramis woke up at 6 am,the innkeeper was at his door with breakfast,Faramis wouldn't say no to a breakfast.
After eating his bread he quickly paid for the innkeeper's services and checked if he missed anything before leaving the tavern.
It was a good morning,too early for something bad to happen,even the God damned demons and orcs would be sleeping at this time.
He saw an old man with a robe and a young lady looking like a bounty hunter going to the tavern he just left,if he knew anything about bounty hunters it was trouble
After 20 solid minutes of sitting in a corner and trying to avoid contact the couple decided to speak with Faramis,The old man said:
"Ello there...I saw you watching us..do you need help with something?"
"No,but you two do look suspicious..an old man..and a bounty hunter,if I am to protect the innocents I should keep an eye on everyone..."
Faramis understood that he told too much to the old man,but mistakes were made...hopefully this wouldn't cost his life.
The young lady said:
"Matt..I don't feel good..can't we just leave him and find a room please?"
Faramis thought about asking that single question..that question would change his life...but he did ask it anyways
"Can I help you two with anything? I have a room here you don't need to talk to the innkeeper...*hands the keys* the last door on the right when you are upstairs,I'll get some water."
the old man and the young bounty hunter went to faramis's room,even though they didn't trust him,they really needed a place to stay,and that man was willing to give it.
Before going to his room Faramis asked about the couple to his friend,Dwarlin the innkeeper
"Dunno lad...as long as they help me with my rents I'm fine with it! *takes a huge sip from his ale*"
Faramis went upstairs to his room,the bounty hunter was now sitting while the old man was reading a book,Faramis gave the bucket of water to the old man and started to wait until they decided to introduce themselves
"Sorry for our rudeness,it's hard to find helpful people these days...I'm Matt crazy,master witcher of cat"
"I'm Cirilla and that's all you'll know about me."
Faramis's thoughts were not always right but he could sense that he would have loads..LOADS of trouble with the bounty hunter but the Old man looked friendly
"Name is Faramis...Faramis Forrestark..." He never used his last name in this strange land before,he never thought about using it,maybe he simply wanted to run away from his past...
"...I help the innocents around here,When the guard doesn't help them they find me...most of the time...sometimes...maybe...ok they don't come to me at all..."
The old man laughed,he liked this young man,maybe because of his courage or his optimism
"Well if you really want to help innocents,we can work together,but it will be dangerous..."
"Yeah yeah I know..I'll face death! My life will always be in danger! that's what they used to tell me,and I'm still here"
"Well...alright then..we'll find a good camp zone tomorrow,cirilla should rest"

(Before you say anything we have an user with  the rp name of 'cirilla' so yeah blame him/her if you want to say "OH MY GEWD YOU STOLE IT")

"I'll kill you all...I hate all of you!"
The young lady was holding a hook in her hand trying to kill matt and faramis,With one swift movement matt was holding the hook in his own hands
Faramis was surprised...both with the thing just happened and the thing that old man did but even he didn't know which one was more interesting.
Ciri started to run away from Faramis and matt,ran to the woods but she didn't knew that they were following her
"Why are we even following her?! She just tried to kill us! And How did you do the Hook thing back at the tavern!"
"Because if this world is going to survive she must be safe! And I'm a wizard! you better get used to it! haha!"
They kept running until ciri was out of breath,she sat on the floor and started crying,Matt was first to break the silence in the group
"Ciri...are you ok? Do you need help?"
Faramis thought 'We just survived an attack and ran just so you could ask her this?! God...I really should get used to this'
"I'm..Sorry matt..I..didn't knew what I was doing sorry..."
Faramis thought 'Where the hell is my sorry? Obviously you just didn't try to kill me! And I didn't run miles!'
"there is nothing to be sorry about ciri...It'll be fine...don't worry"
"...I don't know what happened or why happened but matt,we need to talk,quickly"
"We'll talk later..can you build us a camp please? Come here ciri let's talk and relax..."
Faramis mumbled "...Build a camp faramis...let's run after her faramis...do that,do this..."

3 Weeks Later

Faramis became the master witcher of Wolf and became good friends with Matt but with ciri..if someone looked from outside they would think they were enemies for Years.
"If I'm not doing something that doesn't concern you ciri!"
"Yes it does! I want to know why you spared his life!"
"I Don't have to tell you anything and guess what? I WON'T!"
Ciri grabbed a knife and stabbed Faramis in the chest then quickly dropped the knife to the ground
"AGH...God...if I didn't have to protect you..you would be dead..."
Faramis packs up and leaves the camp
"But that doesn't mean I can't leave this camp!"
Shadow went over to ciri but Matt started to follow Faramis,since he was bleeding it wouldn't be that hard
Finally faramis stopped near a camp,camp of the white rangers
"Are you going to stay here for long?"
"I'm not going back there matt,there is no way I'm going back there...but we still will be friends...look after them"
After that he never saw Matt for a long time...but that story has to wait it's own time....
                                                            THE END OF CHAPTER 2
Chapter 3 is on his way,it'll be here tomorrow

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Keep It Coming this is 
Great  Again 

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Special Music For This Chapter is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68j0yO2-vZY
Chapter 3:A New Power is Rising (level 35-38)
Faramis: Dark Cyan) (Matt:Yellow) (Seth:Brown) (Alex: Purple) (Other characters:Blue)
"My lord! I have news from our men in town the Storms are planning to raid the stormlands..."
"Gather the men in the courtyard...Storm's arm would have grown long indeed if they can raid stormlands."
"But my lord...we don't have enough men to stop them!"
"Tell me seth...when did we stop because of the numbers?"
"...As you wish my lord...the men will be ready in 10 minutes..."
When the forrestarks arrived to the castle Stormlands the battle was nearly over
"This Terror ends now!"
Athena Said:"Forrestarks! TO BATTLE!"
Forrestarks were outnumbered 2 to 1 against the Storms,after the battle only one side was victorious..and it was not the forrestarks nor the storms
because a new power was rising in town...Blackirons led by Sir Pinda Blackiron their army was growing fast and strong,
with only one Goal...Supreme leadership over the lands.
After the battle faramis and his  men was back at the camp of house Forrestark,thinking about their lost friend...Alex
At 2 AM it was Faramis's turn for the night patrol after some uneventful minutes he found something or something found him
"Hello Faramis..."
"...Alex! We were so worried! Come let's go back to the"
He was cut off by Alex
"I can't go back...I changed faramis...I'm a...demonbird now..."
Alex lit a torch to make it easier for Faramis
"...Alex...this won't change anything..you are still the same..."
"No I'm not alex anymore! I'm Demonbird Blackiron...I only bring  darkness...I'll be in town with my new family...Blackirons..."
"Alex...I can't change your decision..but I can make you think about it...you have to find the good in you...You may be a demon or a bird...But you still are a good person.."
"Stop playing with my mind! You are not my leader anymore..."
After his patrol Faramis went back to the camp and thought about all of this,in the morning he nearly destroyed all of the shields and called it a "training"
He was the only one in the camp except Seth
"...Matt? Oh God...Welcome back you old crazy wizard!"
"They said you were raiding and killing innocents..."
"What are you talking about matt? Things I don't do?"
"They say your own brothers and sisters wants to kill you now..."
"What? Seth wouldn't do that...and Athena is gone...I just noticed how lonely I am!"
"This is not a joke Faramis...You must be stopped..."
"Stopped? I said crazy but this is actually getting crazy...Matt I help innocents not kill them"
"The people says you are and I will finish this now Faramis..sorry..."
"I'm not fighting you, until you find out what ACTUALLY is happening we won't talk again"
"You will fight me now."
"Alright..let's ask people in town what they think about me"
After asking most of the people Matt finally understood what happened he decided not to kill Faramis and join him again
                                                                 THE END OF CHAPTER 3
I have  2 more chapters ready,thanks for reading everyone.. Heart

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Alright everyone if you would like to be a part of the chapter 6+ PM me your character's name and his/her personality! Happy roleplaying and reading everyone

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