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SchoolRP Rules

Requesting Help:
To call a staff member type @ <your report> You should detail what you need help with and if necessary who is breaking the rules. An admin will then teleport to you and assist you. You should remain patient and not try and deal with the situation by yourself.

Staff's word is final:  If you have any issues with a punishment that was given you need to accept it and then speak with a higher member of staff about it. You also can make an appeal about a warn / ban here! ( Be sure to follow the template so your request can be answered quicker ) Mod > Admin >  Head Admin > Super Admin > Owners

Loopholing: The rules are stated here as guidelines for the server, they are not here for you to scrutinize and try to look for loopholes. An admin's word on a rule is final. If you feel that they are abusing their powers, please gather evidence and post it in a form of a demote request here, or bring it to the attention of a Super Admin.

1.0 General rules :

No Freekill- (Killing a person without a reason.
No FreePunch- (Hitting a person without reason)
No Prop-Block- (Take a prop, and prevent the passage at a door, the spawn etc ...)
No Prop-Climb- (Take a prop and used as stairs to go in an inaccessible location normally).
Observe the New Life Rules ("Rule New Life": when you're dead, you do not remember anything)
No Spam- Do not spam, the OOC, Admin Chat (///) or IC chat. You should also not spam the spawning of props. This also includes Spamming the mic, playing music or the use of a soundboard or voice changer are prohibited.
No Advertising- Do not advertise other servers. This can lead to a permaban.
No Insults, small remarks, provocations in OOC- You should not insult or provoke staff or players. If you have a problem with a staff decision or what a player is doing report it to a higher staff or to the forums.
No Racism/Homophobia/SexualRP/Sexism/Rape jokes-No discrimination of any kind is allowed OOC or IC. This is taken seriously and can lead to a PermaBan. This includes the use of the "N" word and the use of extremist symbols.
No Metagame-  In Character related information should merely be relayed (when appropriate and coincident with the other rules) through the In Character channels. This also applies vice-versa, as out of character information should not be used in character. 
Exploiting bugs-  For example getting out of the map, or on to the roof through the use of drugs or props is prohibited. Anyone caught trying to take advantage of a bug or a glitch risk the ban.
Respect Staff-  When you speak to or call an administrator, respect them, they are there to help. If they don't come to you straight away you should be patient as they will be busy doing something else. 
LTAP or LTARP- You can not reconnect, suicide, switch characters or use any other means to remove you from a roleplay situation or to avoid punishment. This will lead to a ban.

2.0 Rules of the gamemode :

You should always try to stay in character and in RP.
You must have a RolePlay name (First Name and Last Name). Use /name or F4 and command to put one.
Your name should only contain letters and no symbols. It must be a Valid RP name.
No extremist names such as "Adolf Hitler, Osama bin Laden, Joseph Stalin" or derivatives. Or any name which is relevant in history.
If a staff member deems your name inappropriate and asks you to change it, you should immediately and not argue with them. If you repeatedly have invalid names or argue with staff you will recieve a warn/ban.
You should not try and get out of the map.
You should not kill or hit any of the School staff or Staff on Duty. This is classed as RDM.
You do not have the right to change jobs in full RolePlay scenes. (See General Rules)
AFK players can not be FreeKilled, FreePunched, etc ...
The AFK system is made for short absences. If you abuse the time and that the server is full, we reserve the right to kick you to free up space.
It is FailRP to sit on another player's head. (However staff in Noclip are allowed)

3.0 Rules of the Chat:

IC = = In Character
OOC = Out Of Character
For more rules of what shouldn't be said in chat , see "General Rules"
All commands below should be used in the chat.
- "/Advert" 
- "/y" to yell.
- "/w" to whisper.
- "//" To talk in OOC (HRP) is a character-Out channel, so you give no indication from RolePlay (do not ask the location of a player etc ...) (Canal OOC)
- "///" To contact an admin. (Use this channel in case of emergency, this channel is not to discuss).
- "/Me" This command is for stock or RP scene descriptions. Very useful for RolePlay scenes. For example: during a kidnapping, a / me blindfolds him, the aggressors will not be recognized by the victim. (Canal IC)

4.0 Powergame:

The Powergame is performing an action in the game, but that is impossible IRL (In Real Life)
Example: A guy jumps from a roof and continues on his way, IRL he is dead or injured and not move.
The Powergame is also to force the action of a player, leaving no chance to the other player.
Example: You get in front of someone and you say that you tie up and rob it of its business. It is forbidden to force you the action of the player.

5.0 Job Rules:

5.1 Students
Student: Students have the goal to attend to classes, They tend to be neutral with other students (e.g Nerds/Bullies etc.). They normally respect the school staff and other students.
Jock: Jocks are students who are very good at sports. They can skip occasional classes to play sports. They dislike the preppy's but are enemies with the bullies. Their main objective is to protect the students and nerds from bullies.
Bully: Bully's feel compelled to brutalize nerds and students. They are enemies of the Jocks, they try to avoid them and gain money from threatening the students (Particularly the nerds).
Greaser: Greasers are students, whose main goal is to protect and help the drug dealer(s). They can help set up and persuade students to do deals with the Drug dealer(s).
Preppy: The preppy's are students, they are very rich and come from respectable backgrounds. They dislike the Bullies, but are enemies with the Greasers and Drug Dealers. They try to get the Drug dealers and Greasers in to trouble with the school staff.
Nerd: Nerds are students who work hard in lessons and have exceptional grades. The nerds can not start arguments or fights and can not hit, the teacher's always love them and will normally try and protect them.
Schoolgirl: You're a Schoolgirl! You act as a normal student and go to class.

5.2 School Staff
Cookchef: Cookchefs are considered the canteen of the servers, they are smiling to students and make good meals to students.
Doctors: Doctors are smiling to everyone, their objectify is to treat "sores / wounds" or people's illnesses, they are mostly in their rooms and are normally available all the time.
Psychologist: You are a Psychologist (Councilor) you hold councilling sessions in your office. Students that are getting bullied or having problems go to you.
Principal: Principals are like the font server, they are there to enforce the rules of the school, under penalty of a glue 80 seconds. They can use their tazer to escape or to control someone during a fight. They can not hit and have no right to provoke. Their first goal is to monitor progress and send them permanently if students are late.
The Main Advisor: The Main Advisor must give orders to pieces depending on the situation and report to the Director. They can stick 80 seconds if the rules are not respected.
The Director: The Director shall send orders to the Main Advisor, return students to their seats or even divert the course.

5.3 Teachers: 
- Teachers should start and teach classes to the students.
- If a class is already on, you should patrol the school until the class is over.
- You should teach the students according to what Teacher you are (For example a French Teacher or a Sports Teacher)
- You can use the Slap to help control students, however you shouldn't abuse/spam this.
- If you have a valid reason to put put a student in detention (Arrest) you can call an Admin(Using Admin chat) or Principal(Using /advert) to put the student(s) into detention.

Teacher Jobs:
Maths Teacher: You should teach Maths to the students.
History Teacher: You should teach History to the students. Any Antisemitism isn't allowed and can lead to a ban. 
Science Teacher: You should teach Biology or Chemistry to the students. 
Physic TeacherYou should teach Physics to the students.
Philosophy Teacher: You should teach Philosophy to the students.
Professor of Computer Science: You should teach the students about computers. For example how they are made, or the parts within the computer.
Theater Teacher: You are a Theater/Drama teacher. You can use the Theater/cinema room to show videos to your students.
Music Teacher: You teach music to the students. You can use the piano in the music room in your lesson. You also have a guitar which you can use in your lessons.
Economy Teacher: You are a Economic teacher otherwise known as a Business studies teacher. 
English Teacher: You teach the English language. You can teach English language or Literature.
- Language Teachers: You teach the students a language(German, Spanish or French(Depending on what teacher you are)). You should try and start with the basic words or sayings.
Sports Teacher: You teach sports or P.E. You can use the Swimming Pool/Basketball court/Running Track and Football field for your classes. 

5.4 Other

Bully Leader: You are the Leader of the Bully's, they follow your orders.
- See Bully Rules.
 The drug dealers aim to make money in dealing drugs. 
- You can use the F4 menu to access the shop, and buy drugs to sell to students.
- Using weed to get on to the roof or out of the map is FailRP. A staff will take you off the roof, if you repeatedly do it, you will be punished.

Drug dealer VIP
- Spawns with a Vape, You can use Right mouse button to switch through flavours.
- If a Teacher/Principal/Director catches you vaping inside school buildings, they can put you into detention as it is against school rules.
- Vaping in someones face, gives them a valid reason to beat you up.

- Do not RDA
- Police does not in any circumstances be in the school unless they're told to by the staff of schoolrp/teachers.
- Can not enter houses without a hint or a tip off.
- Do not handcuff without a reason.

Bus Driver
- Visit all stations sequencially.
- Be on time.

Staff On Duty: This is the staff on duty job, This job can be used to RP as a prefect/Principal. Making sure students go to class and obey rules.

The Bullworth Vale
- Gates shall not be opened during classes.

- If any students are caught outside the school during classes, it will result in an arrest.
- Don't enter apartments without permission.
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