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Whenever I choose the job: assasin, then kill people, i get banned! If this happens, whats the point of even having the job: assasin. This has to stop!  Angry
- Can only kill another player if given a contract or in self-defense (self-defense does not apply to contracts).

- Can only accept a contract after ensuring the contract is placed with a VALID RP reason and does not break FearRP.

- Must advertise that a contract has been accepted. Doesn't require the reason in the advert.

- Must advert Hit Complete including the reason for the hit.

- An example of a valid RP reason would be if a player has been insulted and wants revenge, a player has tried mugging another player. Competition for business is not a valid RP reason. A King cannot place a hit on another King without a valid RP reason, existing is not a valid RP reason.

You must of been killing random people
That counts as RDM.
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This thread gives me cringe
i Was The One That Banned you you ere just running around spawn killing people randomly
RIP,you make it sound like you did this multiple times. not sure if it is, but what else did you expected? Can you tell you're story since torin said something special.ik im not an admin but im just interested.
Ex-KRP Admin Locin Dragonic

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