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As I have played today I have seen that people have not been taking the server seriously. There was no staff on at the time.
So I propose, that we have ranks, here are the ranks and the abilities:

- User: nothing
- Regular: Votekick, 
- Trusted: Votekick, Votemute, Votegag
- Ultra Trusted: Votekick, Votemute, Votegag, Voteban

They do not have to be ranks, they can just go in to the years E.G. 6th years are Ultra Trusted.

If they abuse the power, they will be demoted. E.G. if a Regular abused Votekick - they would be reported and demoted to user. 

The Votes should not be used when a member of staff is on the server, unless they are AFK
A special GIF

[Image: 83045819.gif]
It's a -1 from me since if that happened with the votes trollers would just click yes and I have seen a LOT of high years even EPICVIP that have spent 30$ at the game that do not care if they get banned or not and I do not trust them at all. For example about a day ago I was spectating a dark wizard Free-Killing students and when I warned him/her they didn't care so they continued and when i brought them again I asked 'Why are you Free-Killing when you have bought something expensive and when you know it's against the rules and can get you banned' their answer was 'I don't care I bought EpicVIP a lot of time ago and this server is dying'. So the only people I trust are staff members that have been staff for a long of time and didn't break any rules just like Pipsor did and I trust some people that aren't staff but I have played with them and they didn't do anything bad so I believe that, that idea will bring bad consequences.

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