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Hello! I have a concern with your forums.
I could not find a way to contact the "owner" via Steam, so I assume creating a thread will not be too great of a hassel. Smile

My name is Lavender, and I come from LifePunch.net Gaming Servers. We date back to 2011 with our "we run awesome gameservers" tagline, which it seems y'all decided to borrow. Your logo is the same format as ours as well, which is expected. I understand new communities have a hard time being unique, but! I see that you all have decided to use the group icons that we use over on LifePunch as well. 

[Image: 7d09cb2ef3.jpg]

I made these group icons for LifePunch exclusively, and I would appreciate if you guys made your own. Smile I did not give you or any other gaming community permissions to these, so it is with a humble tone that I ask that you take them down.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns/want proof of them belonging to me and LifePunch, add me on Steam!
You may also contact me and speak to me on Discord @ Lavender#5162.
Coming from a law background you have no leg to stand on.
You do not own nor hold any rights to two diagonal lines on a bar which states Admin, VIP etc.
Furthermore, a moto such as "we run awesome gameservers" is coincidental at best and holds now legal standing.
Quit your whining.
Was not whining, my friend. For a "Super Admin" you sure are not the friendliest of foes, are you?
No matter your supposed background, it doesn't take long to make group icons! Big Grin
As I mentioned, I came to speak humbly. I asked if they could be taken down, did not demand it in the slightest.
It doesn't phase me that you have other harsh intentions when speaking to other users.

I spoke with a Co-Owner and I'm just going to leave this here until the actual Owner would like to speak/has the time. Smile
It's right for the community to know that these do not originate from this community, but instead another.
If you really want to know they don't even originate from "your" community.
I belonged to a community back in '09 which had the exact same layout as the image above.

Furthermore, unless you're the owner of that community I have no idea why you're even here whining.
Ah, while they may be the same layout, they are not the same images my friend.

I do not need to be the owner of a community to come speak about something of this matter, as I was the user of that community who created these.
And what is this whining you continue to chatter about? You seem to be the only one who is all the more trying to complain about things.

Edit: On a sidenote, I have no "quarrel" or interest to speak to you. I'd appreciate if only the Owner were to respond to this from now on.
I'm aware of the inactivity, but I am patient and will stay updated myself. Thank you for your input, though. Smile
well sorry about that but we have an interesting relationship with our owner
(06-17-2017, 10:58 AM)George Wrote: well sorry about that but we have an interesting relationship with our owner

Really interesting relationship. REALLY interesting.
I use the same icons from life punch for my forums too. (I don't run a game server community).
I have used them cuz they are good and simple. Please note that I have edited them so they are actually just on your icon base.
[Image: GNrswwn.jpg]

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