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Mass prop spam
Date of incident:7/19/207 7:05 PM

RP Name of player being accused:Scp173(julien5600000)

SteamID of person you are reporting:

Reason of the Report:Mass rdm(no proof) and Mass prop spam.


Extra info:Nothing
Proof shows the prop spawn but do you have more proof that julien did it (i already had problems he speaks English but very bad) +1
Building the wall
[Image: 1T2Hrb5.gif]
- Bad proof

Maybe he respawned there and got stuck?

Next time use psychic gun and point at the prop

Also , i saw in the screenshot you killed the supervisor .... (1st screenshot upper right corner)
[Image: uodapl9c0ce.gif]
Yea i killed him so he stopped spawning more,i thought when you aim at props name of prop creator spawns randomly not if u point at it with physgun.And i didnt have physgun as Commander.Just realizing that it doesnt have his name,maybe i'll remove this thread as i dont have any good proof.
This is not enough proof. If you hold your physgun on a prop you can see who built it on the side of the screen. You could also check the console. You could also use the discord to ask an admin to check it out
[Image: 5f0fe34b173ef209014d5f546500c00f.png]
He could have done it but there is no proper full evidence of him doing it you should have pulled your physics gun out and looked at who spawn the prop or use the console so I'm sorry to say there is no full proof for this report also you RDM the supervisor in the screenshot.
[Image: DExo9FRWAAETEpa.jpg:large]Serious Wolf
Oh I have no doubt in my mind he`ll of done it.

I trust in dusan's judgement .
There is not enough proof that the reported person really did that

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