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Hey i want to be a Mod


Availability:4 hours maybe more

Do i own a microphone and teamspeak?: yes i do

I am a nice person and i like to help other people.

RP*Name: DE Riddler


My timezone: Europe (Germany)

If i would see a moderator abusing his powers on somebody i would tell him to stop and get a higher staff then me for example an admin.

I would try to bring peace to the server and if somebody is breaking rules warn him and ask him why he did thats.And if he needs a ban i will get an admin.

My motivation for becoming a staff member: I like to help people and say people that they broke the rules.

I have been on this server for about 5 months.
You need to follow the template correctly Riddler.
My in-game name is Onee-sama, but you can just call me Onii!

[Image: giphy.gif]
[Image: cab2247fbad923888cde610b4b2dea26.gif]
Follow the Template

-1 Severely Underage
-1 You seem very immature on the server
-You're name on the server is Fidget Spinner which i have had to tell you to change..

Overall 0/10
I am giving this a -1 for now.

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