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Finn Erber's Staff Application
* Name: Alfie

Age *: 13

Availability *: 4 - 7 hours on most days (Except Tuesdays)

Do you own a microphone and teamspeak? *: I do own a mic and teamspeak

A few words about you and your personality *: I Love to RP, im quite a happy guy and i enjoy playing but i can be strict when i need to be.

RP * Name: Finn Erber

* SteamID: STEAM_0:1:79662182

* "How long have you been on our server? Lvl 25

What timezone are you from? GMT 
A few Things about you IRL *: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1R782e9fBGS

Your motivation for becoming an staff member *: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1TK7p0RAr1D

Why you and not someone else? *: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0mtX0HRabak

Your strengths / weaknesses * Your: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1HSvQGaDGUI

Experience as a moderator or administrator *: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0qILS2FEvNl

What do you bring to the server *:  http://vocaroo.com/i/s19IbcqVoQr7
"Paul Jackson"(example) has been reported for FailRP and RDM, what would you do when you found out he is doing so if you were an staff? : http://vocaroo.com/i/s0EbANgcMhMN

You see another moderator abusing his powers, what would you do in this situation? : http://vocaroo.com/i/s0pUAcX2DvTs

Additional comments: - Sorry if i sound a bit weird in the VC parts i get really nervous when recording myself.

Other (Number of bans, worries etc. ..) *: i dont believe i have and warns or bans

Steam * Nickname: I Ruined Everything
[Image: 5a5.png]
Overall i believe that this staff application was good and i like some of the answers you have put. Therefore, i will give this a +1
Has been on the server a decent time
I have seen him on the server alot
Is a good roleplayer
Voice bits look good to me
[Image: giphy.gif]
Decent Level

Seen him on the server
Is a good roleplayer
Age might be 13 but he is mature,I can tell from my experience with him.

-Faramis,The guy that murders people in his stories and has evil plans of ruling the kingdoms with a husky.
Thanks everyone ;D
[Image: 5a5.png]
+1 Good Roleplayer
+1 I think would be a good addition to staff team
+1 Decent time on the server
-1 A bit underage but thats only because of the rules i think its not age its maturity and you're mature
+1 Mature
-1 A lot of staff
Overall 8/10 well done
[Image: 1435956754-kingdom.png]
Welcome to the team

-Tracer Hartsforge
[Image: giphy.gif]
Very good! Please accept!
[Image: ax075eK_700b.jpg][Image: x513ly.png]

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