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Unban Ludwig Hanson
Name of the admin that banned you: HeartForge

Your RP name: Ludwig Hanson

Your Steam ID: [color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7)]STEAM_0:1:94216655[/color]

Reason for the Ban: apparantly i only came to troll, eventhough i came to play. It also says i said racist words, i did not say any racist words, as im black myself.

Length of your Ban: Permant

Screen Message during your connection:     

explanations: i was just roleplaying, and then i was told i was racist etc, i was talking to a king. i was in no sit, to explain or anything just instant ban.
I saw this guy aswell, and i can confirm from what i have seen that this guy was not trolling or anything but simply playing the game as a rp'er. I dont know who reported him or anything, but the one who did i would believe had a grudge against him or something, no reason for a perma-ban in my opinion, but of course you admins decide that, but im just here to tell what i saw.
i was the admin who banned you i got report of you being racist and that you where trolling
[Image: giphy.gif]
[Image: giphy.gif]
I was not aware of that i have been racist or trolling anybody, it was not my attention to do anything, i was rping with a king from the north. I was in no sit, or any possible situation to defend myself, so i feel a permban for someone just reporting me with no evidence, seems kinda extreme, is there anyway i can get my ban removed?
if you come on ts so we can talk about it
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[Image: 1435956754-kingdom.png]
You are unbanned 

-Tracer Hartsforge
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