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Upcoming changes
(08-06-2017, 11:01 AM)Meme Dore Wrote: Can I say something as well.
Blacklist Gonfiere as well. It makes you Male_7 just like perfrctium and can be exploited.
Waddawisi mwybe gets blacklisted? Nobody uses ir and I've already shows what it can do.
Change the Male Prefect playermodel and the doctor playermodel. It can be exploited and make people unable to respawn.

I can make myself unkillable if I exploit the playermodels. So get Wade to make the exploitable playermodels something else.

Also a change of map?

Your right about the map change. We need a new one this one is getting boring.
Make the spell ''Hocus'' a higher year spell, since it can be easily abused. I have a bunch of spells (99%) and i'm EpicVip so that makes me an easy target, the abuser could easily spam hocus on me and make me use dragoner for example which then makes me aoe people aound me. Which could then lead to me getting a false ban for freekilling.


Also blacklist inflatus since it makes the server lag.

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