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Staff please (Kingdom rp)
I would like to apply for the admin job for the Kingdom Rp server.
11/10 Best application what I have ever seen.
[Image: ax075eK_700b.jpg][Image: x513ly.png]
this is not kingdom rp
go to kingdom rp use template
[Image: 168.gif]
This is not the kingdom rp section and use the right template

Application Denied i think thue the facyt ur tried to apply for kingdom rp when ur on schoolrp and u didnt use the template aswell
[Image: giphy.gif]
-Hogwarts RP Admin
-Kingdom RP Moderator

-Ex KingdomRP Event Maker
-Ex KingdomRP Admin
Wrong forums group
didn't follow the template 

[Image: tumblr_nzctcgE4qY1tgsqpeo1_540.gif]
Love From Jesus!

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