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Unban Request
Name of the admin that banned you: Markus Fyfe

Your RP name: Barry Chuckall

Your Steam ID[b]STEAM_0:1:31068282[/b]

Reason for the Ban: Disrespecting Staff

Length of your Ban: Permanent

Screen Message during your connection:
[Image: x4diO.png]

Explanations: A teacher was banned for "Supplying". I can't remember his name. I asked the admin what was going on as I was with him the whole time and I didn't see him do anything. "Kile" I think was the admins name. One of them then said "Do you want to be perma banned" (I'm not sure whether it was Markus or Kile) to which I said "That's pretty petty, grow up". They proceeded to then call me a faggot and then banned me.

This is probably some sort of over reaction and would prefer to be unbanned.

I checked again and it seems like the ban has been changed from "Never" to 17,000 days.

Not sure why this is.
How long does it usually take for an appeal to get reviewed?
I'm just wondering as it's been 4 days and I haven't heard anything.

Thanks again. Smile
Whenever staff sees it really, I don't have the authority to unban but if I comment maybe admins who do will come here
"You're the worst person to join the server and I love you for it" - Rhys Blackwood. Ex-SSA HRP.
There's 15 glitches in Harry Potter RP. Now that's a meme.
Now I will wait till the owner fixes them

[Image: giphy.gif]
Accepted your un ban date will be in 4 days 
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