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Unban Request Template.
Your Steam Profile must be Public 
Don't make unban requests when you have got an 4 hour auto-ban you'll have to wait if you have been warned multiple times but kept killing
Take in notice of the given warnings.

Name of the admin that banned you:

Your RP name:

Your Steam ID:

Reason for the Ban:

Length of your Ban:

Screen Message during your connection:



To find your Steamid, you should go to:
[Image: 26204015ba8533fc901aebdbe2d84606e7e8effe...3999b9.jpg]
Name of the admin that banned you: Dylan Spencer

Your RP name: Giorno Jovanna

Your Steam ID: lelurafgt

Reason for the Ban: 4 warnings

Length of your Ban: 4hrs

Screen Message during your connection: 

explanations: I got warned 3 times for mic spamming even if i've stopped after the first warning, then got the 4th warning for apparently no reasons. I didn't get any type of reason before, at the moment or after the ban. All the warnings were given from Dylan Spancer.

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