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Katie fyfe=not doing her job
                Your Name:Nikkah Potter
                 Your SteamID: N/A

              Name of the admin: Katie fyfe
                  The admins steamID: no idea

                  How did the admin abuse: (nathan told me to post this under the abuse section but it isnt abuse)

                 Proof: katie was a roleplay character (and she was roleplaying yes) but when not following the rules i gave as a prefect that anyone outside of class would be arrested. she decided to troll around taunting me when i got to her i arrested her ofcourse then she proceeded to force-unarrest herself which is in no way roleplaying. when class was dismissed i told everyone to leave class (1) because you are supposed to leave when class is dismissed when i asked everyone to leave everyone did but two people. katie was one of these people before arresting her she thought it was funny to call me a (this is from my chat logs copy pastes):Katie Fyfe: A goody two shoes. ofcourse its a joke but a mod shouldnt failrp and troll around she wasnt doing her job at all for the whole time i was online(around 4 hours) she just roleplayed everyone around her was freespelling and she didnt do anything about it. this is not mod worthy 

                   Date/Time: today around 21:00
Tbf Katie was doing her job when I was on. She was dealing with more complaints than anyone early in the evening. Not the first time you said someone's not doing their job now is it? Wink
Saying ''goody two face'' is not even foul languages. So no failRP or troll there.

Katie claims she didnt see any freespelling and that nobody made a report about it, if this statement if false please provide evidence to back it up.

I have talked with Katie, she saw other staff force unarrest themself and got a bad exemple, if staff gets arrested IC they should not use admin commands to free themself. She has been told and will not do it again.

Katie can not recall any intentional avoid arrest or taunting, if this statement is false please provide evidence to back it up.

-This thread is closed-
Any evidence or replies an be given to me personaly via Steam or TS.
- Nathan Stone
  EX-SuperAdmin HogwartsRP

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