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Name of the admin that banned you: Jesus AKA Jason Bourne

Your RP name: Kim Jung Ung*

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:76829905

Reason for the ban: Abusing names

Length of your Ban: 6h

Screen Message during your connection: Didn't listen to staff and come back to play when u want to rp

explanations: This fucking Admin doesnt even give a chance to defend. He is literally a dictator. I found a great friend in the server. Now he needs to wait 6 fucking hours to cosplay and roleplay with me. I changed my name from Bin Laden to Donald Trump and he got fucking offended even tho he asked for it himself. Unfair 6 FUCKING HOURS please some1 make this guy learn how 2 be staff member. I want justice!
I find this thread weirdly hilarious.
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(08-18-2017, 09:49 PM)Drakesake Wrote: I find this thread weirdly hilarious
That was the point when I was in-game. However this bush-head banned me
if he asked you to change your name then you should've changed your name to something reasonable you can clearly see you was being a minge i find nothing wrong with this ban
Ok so buddy you forgot to mention the other name such as David Cunt, I gave you three chances to change your name, you then after i banned you, decided to message me on steam and call me a few names for example: Retarded, accusing i'm racist, accusing staff of not having skills, the list goes on. In my mind I should ban you for longer, so after your ban is done and I see you can RP instead of minge, then sure you can stay but if you choose to not listen to staff then your ban will increase, so next time I see you on the server I except you to RP like every other player on the server and enjoy your stay.
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Love From Jesus!
This guy reminds me of my lil brother

Screaming how shit isnt unfair and he wants "Justicdeee"
Building the wall
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well if ur using like those names like Kim jung un i know why ur banned. if ur a minge then its nothing for u
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