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Molly Fardosh (Disrespectful and false bans)
I was rping today and Tim cruise raised an army of first and second years and we were going to raise them in the forest and instead of the admin Saying you cant do that and letting them go and giving us a warning For "Minging|Trying to create army of students in forest" First off i was not minging neither was tim cruise we were both rping through the whole thing We did try to create an army again we both appologised and instead of banning us she should of gave us a warning or a kick saying dont do that again but instead she banned us for 1440 for no right reason i hope that You see this and DEMOTE Her Please Thank you, Quintin
Dude thats not disrespect the ban wasnt false likr ypu know how many try to do what you did? A lot and this is not hogwarts and you didnt use the template
[Image: 344938990035664907.png?width=237&height=300] 
wrong section and wrong template Wink
"Dobby is used to death threats, sir. Dobby gets them five times a day at home." - Dobby

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