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There are, or more specifically, there aren't rules that i think must be added:

-The SCP wiki says Class A Personell (aka the O5) Is not allowed near Class D Personell, so i think the O5 should not be allowed to take Class D's or even get close to the D block.
-Should not be able to take X-50 to his pocket dimension because the X-50 is just a robot. Should not count the X-50 as a person because its just a robot but, the X-50 can still report 106 taking someone to PD (but maybe you dont want to do the last one as its kinda OP).

new stuff may be added to this list.
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The O5 rule is good but noone would follow it since half of the server is in d block
Then lets enforce that rule with warnings for FailRP.
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The server rules arent from wiki and wiki has no influence on the rules
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(09-24-2017, 06:05 PM)-UnknOwN- Wrote: The server rules arent from wiki and wiki has no influence on the rules

That's so retarded. It's supposed to be SCP-RP.
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O5 rule is good and 106 rule is also good.
SCP-106 is taking humans to expend his Pocket Dimention. And The whoe thing is Dirst and Trees and then aoms metal out og no where or ?
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