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hello my name Tim 

I'm 14 years old 

I'm from the netherlands but i'm good at English
I want to become a staff member because i like Rp so much i don't that people are gonna do FaillRp
so i listen to the rules i don't abuse and you can contact me everyday 
i listen to the arguments from the people that want to report some one
so i have all the time to play on the server 

I have Discord TS skype you can have my number but i will give it in private

i hope i can become a staff member

btw i'm gonna join the TS now
first, post it in the right place.
second, use the template.
third: "good at english" "i dont that people are gonna FailRP"
[Image: 94580543fe3e6dcfa8180a4300a28660989ad0c5...55bee3.jpg]
Another one who bites the dust. Can't you read? If you want to be staff at SCPRP then you go to 'Staff Applications' at SCPRP and not post it here *facepunch*
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