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hello my name Tim 

I'm 14 years old 

I'm from the netherlands but i'm good at English
I want to become a staff member because i like Rp so much i don't that people are gonna do FaillRp
so i listen to the rules i don't abuse and you can contact me everyday 
i listen to the arguments from the people that want to report some one
so i have all the time to play on the server 

I have Discord TS skype you can have my number but i will give it in private

i hope i can become a staff member

btw i'm gonna join the TS now
first, post it in the right place.
second, use the template.
third: "good at english" "i dont that people are gonna FailRP"
Another one who bites the dust. Can't you read? If you want to be staff at SCPRP then you go to 'Staff Applications' at SCPRP and not post it here *facepunch*

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