Poll: Will you accept my apology for suddenly going inactive?
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Howl is Back!
Hey guys recently I decided to pop into the hogwarts rp server and eventually I started getting back into it. I am a ex admin demoted from over a year ago due to inactivity. I decided to return to the community after getting to meet someof its members on the server. I am also glad to see that the server is still doing well considering the major change in the staff team.

I hope you will all welcome me back with open arms and to answer that question, yes i am considering rejoining the staff team and helping the server once again. Also the RP is rare but can be amazing which i enjoy alot.

What what I really wanted to do is apologise to the community for suddenly leaving when i was needed, the moment i knew how many left i could not stay away.
We are always progressing in life no matter what.

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Welcome back!
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