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zoey banned me for staff disrespect when i called the admin an idiot for sitting on my friends head and he says idc i don't want you sitting on anyone's head then warned me then zoey banned me for 1440 minutes I think both of them are shitty staff and should get warned for abuse are demoted

pingus has also waited for me to mess up just to warn me to make himself look better like hagrid asked me if I wanted to go into the forest I said sure and he warned me for going in the forest when I told him he said idc
So first of all i think you mean me (called Pigius). 

You are not allowed to sit one someones head, i gave you one verbal warning to not sit on your friends head
anymore or i'll give you a written warning. You refused to listen to me so i gave you a written warning. 

You (current job: student) are not allowed to enter the forbidden forrest unless you are a fifth year student or higher OR Hagrid does 
a public advert to take 4 students with him and you got chosen. You did not meet any of those conditions so i gave you a written warning.

Please make sure to read the rules:

[Image: 200.webp#255-grid1]
Honestly, I don't think I even need to reply on my part. Just taking some of your own words just from this post... you admitted to disrespecting an admin? " i called the admin an idiot for sitting on my friends head" and " I think both of them are shitty staff " That alone I think proves my point.
Not to mention you were literally auto banned YESTERDAY for breaking too many rules.
You have been banned so many times honestly, all you do is come on and troll, disrespect, and cause problems.
If you are going to break rules and be disrespectful then that is your own fault.

As well as I have proof of you being quite rude, from when I first met you to even now.
https://imgur.com/a/qoqQT <3
My job is to enforce rules, one of them being "2. Do not in any way disrespect a player or a staff member" So if we enforce the rules and do are jobs. I do not consider that to be admin abuse. <3
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I Know this doesn't really concern me cause i'm no longer staff! but alot of players are banned for original staff diss but alot of staff have even disrespected players, it's not really taken into a fair count i think player diss should be watched and noticed alot more! please correct me if i'm wrong here.
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