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MTF epsilon 11 NTF
NTF will be active during breach of 3 scps, they spawn to the bridge on surface, their loadout has level 5 keycard, p90, and glock and tazer. they will recontain scps and kill Ci if there is some, during ntf entrance every personell should go in safe place. Maximum job amount 3, can only be active during breach of 3 or more scps. Required level is 30 and no gold or vip is required. The ntfs have 250 hp. I hope you consider this.
to make the grind real, maybe it could be lv 45 for those bobs who gots 40 lv skip so they still gotta grind
[Image: giphy.gif]
Nice idea but you know its not gonna be added
I have considered it, and this idea will be added in around between 2-5 years.
[Image: 97416250e2696dd5884bb4d4ec2f1d0b76df2844...50e90b.jpg]
Great suggestion!

The owner is working hard on adding it and he will be done around the year 2035.
I love Steal Ideas from IG for my server,also that's some Sorta Copy-Paste from the Gamemode "Breach" (called too: "I WANT SCP MONEY ON GMOD PLZ PLAY AND ADD MORE SHITTY RANKS AND SHIT).
[Image: cg4Xz2.gif]
Good idea... Updates? nah we dont need that shit.
This will be added in year 4999. Thanks for the Suggestion
[Image: dd87d7ffeb.jpg]
BubbleS Approve Statement.
What wyde said
''The server is not dying and its not dead so i will not update it''
Wyde= The founder and dev of the server

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