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More advanced researching.
When you research (supervisor doesn't count every time) you need to have a purpose to research.

Researching can be more than sending class Ds into SCP cells to die. 

There could be SCP interviews, trying to find info about the SCP (becouse researching SCPs is supossed to be a way to find information of the SCP, not kill class Ds)

There could be regulations on what some researchers can research and can not.

So this is my idea: normal researchers can research the following SCPs: 
SCP-513 with 1 security personell. 
SCP-173 with atlest 2 security personell.
SCP-008 with 1 security personell.
SCP-087 with 1 security personell.
SCP-895 with 1 security personell.
SCP-3041 with 1 security personell.
Any safe class SCP.

Researcher comfirmed can research every SCP that normal researcher can, plus.
SCP-096 with 1 CS and TU unit.
SCP-049 with any 3 TUs.
SCP-1048 with any 3 TUs.
SCP-035 with 1 CS.
SCP-666 with 1 CS.
SCP-4105 with 1 TU.

Researcher confirmed can interview:
SCP-035 with atleast 2 security personell.
SCP-049 with any 3 TUs.

Supervisor can research any SCP, SCP 106 research might require the permission from O5.

Supervisors can interview.
SCP-049 with any 3 TUs.
SCP-035 with 2 security personell.
SCP-682 with 2 TUs and SCP-999 to make sure breach doesn't happen.

Every researcher below supervisor requires permission to research on SCPs but not on safe class-SCPs.

This idea would improve researcher part of the rp, becouse it would be stupid to let normal researcher research on let's say SCP-682 who is keter class SCP.

I don't think SCP-4500 and SCP-5800 are researcheable.

I hope this would be a content in the SCP rp becouse it would be much more realistic.

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