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Unban request
Name of the admin that banned you: R3KTModz

Your RP name: 05 Jamie

Your Steam ID: 76561198086404545

Reason for the Ban: L

Length of your Ban: time left 9 hours 17 mins, no amount given

Screen Message during your connection: You have been banned


Can somebody explain this ban to me, i wasn't banned when i exited the server last night.
 I dont know what a reason L is.

i purchased vip+ last night played for a while the when i went to log back on this morning i get this.

Not a very impressive start to my vip experience
welcome to the club for wird bans becouse the staff may or may not be corropted hope you enjoy your stay since you will be staying here for a long time
Bro wtf? I told you to go to this link http://infinitygaming.net/forumdisplay.php?fid=39
and you posted here

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