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My suggetions for "possible" update
I have been coming up with some ideas of new jobs if we are to be updated and moved to site 12 (yes i know no promises You dont need to tell me that)

Firstly if we are gonna go to site 12 i think we should have spawns for different jobs spread out across the facility so the entire map has activity flowing through it for example doctors should spawn in the medical bay in the entrance zone and supervisors,researchers and so on Could spawn in the cafateria instead ,Porters could also spawn in EZ. TU 05 and higher should have a spawn point in hev containment zone but this could also include disinfection unit, Unity x-50 and containment specialist (could also have the TU Engineer) There are also a few unamed CCs in hev zone so you could put scp-666 in one since they are very large compared to his current CC. In the light containment zone there is a security checkpoint between class D holding cells and the rest of the facility the Spawns for Recruit guards, security guards,TU and TU heavy (Possibly gun dealer too) we may not need a class D KOS line due to this checkpoint. 

I have covered most of the spawns for the jobs Scp spawns are rather stright foward 666 was just a suggestion as is the rest of this post :p

There is also a dedicated model for 682 (i`m sure you know of this xd)

Possible job ideas

There is a entrance checkpoint so Checkpoint security guards could question CI when they attempt to raid at their post and they may not leave their post since they are the first line of defence to the facility-this could unlock at a higer level such as 35 so we have jobs that will entice people to keep playing after level 30 since 05 is the last job right now.

Instead of Just CI And the nobody have two other classes for the chaos insugency for example a medic or a vendor that can give exclusive guns. of course these are just ideas but the other CI classes could unlock at higher levels too so that level 30 does not feel like the end rank.

SCP-939 could be possible since there is a CC in site 12 there is also a model for it on the workshop The swep could have LMB attack RMB uses its lure and could use the audio files from the SCP CB game.
I know I am treating this likes its 100% confirmed gonna happen but i know its not confirmed i just wanted to pitch in if this is to come true :3 

thank you for reading ;3

Be weird...normal people bore me :3

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Yeah wyde said it himself Bluie, But I understand your thought. It's just it may never happen. 
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Thank you! This will be added year 9999
Site 12 is already in the server tho
Only thing is we need to change it and put all de spawns in
(11-26-2017, 03:40 PM)ShiroShima Wrote: Only thing is we need to change it and put all de spawns in
And you need to make keycards work too...
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The guy that demoted 1 SSA 1 admin and 2 moderators
I like this. Especially the Checkpoint Security.
I agreed with this guy, checkpoint security its a really good idea!
+ Support
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