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"Death Treath" Unban Request
ame of the admin that banned you: The Flu

Your RP name: bob the prisioner

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:111823466

Reason for the Ban: "Death Treath" 

Length of your Ban: PermaBan

Screen Message during your connection: http://prntscr.com/hmojmj You have been banned from this server, Time left: Never 
Banned by: The Flu
Reason: Death Threat
unban request: http://www.infinitygaming.net

explanations: I was class D (Im level 20) and 173 asked for someone to breach him and i told him in ooc: go die xd (It was joking omg) He asked an admin to ban me, he banned me and we are here.
Everybody tells go die to another guy and we are all okay, and some guys even says worse things to me when admins are connected, an admin never ban for this. So i feel like this is injustice (I know, its bad to telling someone "go die xd") but they can understand a joke? and A PERMA BAN? omg, please im level 20 and i want to get even more, its my favorite server and its my only reason to play garrys mod, so please unban me. Confused

if i get denied, what you want to me to play? Concordia rp? omg no, please unban me D: .
Ro be honest. to say "Go die" and then the XD behind is not even a funny "Joke" anymore it is overused and all stuff. People still use it and with the XD's aswell so even makes it more overused. i Can't see why you think its funny to say "go and die. ECKS DEEEEE". I just don't see the point.
[Image: dd87d7ffeb.jpg]
BubbleS Approve Statement.
I know and i have a lot of fear now, i will never say "Go die" again, so please, dont deny this unban request, its Literally my only reason to play gmod cause its the only thing that is fun to me.
PD: I, NEVER break the rules like this, i report when people rdm or things like that and i ever try to not break the rules, and i know that joke is SUUUUPER overused, and im not saying it again, im waiting looking at this page every 5 minutes ;-; (and, when its minge hour and no admins connected, i take screenshots and report, i never rdm or things like that, cause i hate minge hour cause its a fucking disaster)
still waiting, no really, im still conected waiting for someone ;-;
I'm sure he understood what he did, also I see that "Go die xd" as a (Maybe too far) joke

"I don't bother with these hoes, don't let these hoes bother me."
[Image: giphy.gif]

You will be unbanned when staff have time
OMG SO SORRY AND THANKS OMG THANK YOU GUYS A LOT IM GOING TO CRY, REALLY REALLY THANKS. Im not doing that shitty joke again, i understood my error and i will go back to play so Big Grin Thanks!!!
you will be unbanned 15:30 circka UTC+1

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