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A really nice suggestion, that a lot people will like.
I know a lot of people new to the server gets banned for SexualRP (Like me, in level 3 i got banned cause sexualrp and i didnt know it was wrong cause i taked a quick look to rules) And i got perma banned, i did an apply instantly cause its the best scp-rp that i played ever, and a lot of people think thats too. 

So first time maybe you can do a ban of 1 day, and second time a Permaban, its great for stupid people like me, cause getting perma banned first time you join to the server, nop.

You can warn them before banning to 1 day, saying that next time is a perma ban. And maybe that will not repeat again.

Thats my suggestion and i think that will do the server a little better.  Angel
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I have been there too i think this is a good solution

Moderator Jarno Wus here!

But in the other hand before people who start playing they should read the rules to avoid this problem in the future.

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