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Job Feature Suggestions
So I've been a pretty long time player of the server. And I've recently found out some of my favorite job features were just lies.
So I'll just put suggestions here:

SCP-079 being able to hack the AI
D-Class being able to steal radios/other equipment (EX: "/me attempts to steal radio *SILENT* (do /roll)")
This isn't a feature but more of an update, the owners NEED to finally update the 173 swep, IT'S SO BROKEN you'll kill someone behind the wall or some SCP noclipping around. Update it so it won't attack people with a team name that includes "SCP" and maybe try to make it more like the SCP-173 weapon from the Breach Gamemode.
A more accurate disguise system. Allowing you to pull out a swep and disguise as any playermodel, or a list of selected playermodels (I think this already exists)
SCP-049 Zombies being stripped of all weapons except for the knife (With key weapons staying like physgun, toolgun, gravgun, and keys.)
SCP-049 Worldmodel should be invisible
FA:S Medkit for doctors
SCP-079 having a LV-5 KeyCard
SCP-079 being able to lock doors shut (The way this would happen is 079 exiting NoClip in the door frame so his HitBox blocks the door from opening because it will close when it hits his HitBox)

If you have any suggestions please put them in the comments, if they're good I'll put them on the list and credit you.

Thanks for reading!

What jobs was a lie`?
(12-14-2017, 07:54 AM)Gnome Wrote: What jobs was a lie`?

Well specifically the first two suggestions, 079 hacking AI and D-Class being able to steal equipment.
Those were the features that I was lied about existing.

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