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Mixxed unban
Name of the admin that banned you: S0inc

Your RP name: Mixxed

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:127421636

Reason for the Ban: sexual RP

Length of your Ban: permanent

Screen Message during your connection: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561...7424632226

explanations: So i was SCP 4500 with scp 682 and scp 049 we where outside of the facility. then scp 049 said "/me pets" then i said "/me Fuckes scp 682" then a admin saw it then pick me up and jail me. S0inc came to me and told me that "you will get a [b]permanent ban for [b]sexual RP". Then he said i will give you the link for the website to do a unban appeal. I said sorry and i said i did not know  sexual RP is a thin.  I said i was mingeing for a minute. i am so sorry for saying it i would not do it again. i have been on the server for 2 months. Sad Sad Sad[/b][/b]

sorry guys

sorry guys
not knowing sexual rp is a thing with 2 months on the server? huh...
(12-17-2017, 07:17 PM)The Savior Gaben Wrote: not knowing sexual rp is a thing with 2 months on the server? huh...

i did not know it
i did not know it

If you do it again, i will not be accepting your ban appeal. But you understand you broke the rule, and are sorry. Please read the rules before rejoining.
+ Rep

I think you learned your lesson
[Image: ac1c21a5ce2473dbe0af0d1aaa9b3d35eb25069a_full.jpg]

Your unban request is denied, due to these reasons: The SSA of SCP-RP din't agree with the choice vex made.
So here by you are still perma banned.
Sexual-RP is common sense, and we don't allow such behavior on our network.
You may do an unban request in the near future.

You may re-apply in 1 week

Kind regards, Shiro . General Community Owner

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