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DarkRP Server Rules
DarkRP Rules
[Image: logo_2.png]

*Rules are a subject to change at any time without any notification!
Not everything needs to be written down, some stuff are very obvious, just use your common sense.

Interaction with Admins

Admins are here to help you, do not argue or provoke them, follow the rules, and when requesting an admin try to explain yourself the best way. Follow what the admin says even if it is not specified in the rules and do not start arguing with them, if an admin breaks a rules or being extremely rude to you, you may report him on the forums. Remember that the admins are administrating to make your experience and play time better, please respect them (as well the other players on the server).

The Basics

  • Do not copy someone's name.

  • You are not allowed to trade in-game items or money for anything unrelated to IG.

  • Your name must contain characters type-able by an English keyboard and you can't have a space in between each character of your name.

  • Only English is allowed in the OOC channel and/or in any OOC situations.

  • Any form of hacking or scripting (Avoiding AFK Timer, Aimbot,...) will lead to permanent ban.

  • Always follow Fear RP - the idea that you value your life and must act accordingly in dangerous situations to prevent death.

  • You may not disrespect or provoke other players even when roleplaying.

  • No purges, wars or any kind of event which encourages mass killing.

  • Do not Fail RP.

  • Do not exploit/abuse any bugs or glitches, doing so will result in a punishment (depends on the situation), instead, report them on the forums.

  • Do not build/kill in spawn.

  • Do not prop abuse (this includes surfing, killing, spamming, climbing and blocking or any other type of prop abuse).

  • Do not spam (this includes chat, camera, stunstick, microphone / voice,...)

  • Religious discussions are not tolerated in this community as it tends to arise unnecessary arguments. Please keep religion out of infinitygaming.

  • You can only use custom jobs with any class, do not use custom job to pretend to be another job that is on the list (or anything similar to it).

  • Do not spawn inappropriate structures.

  • You CANNOT sell or giveaway VIP printers, ammo or chargers to other players (they may use your chargers if you are basing together and you may sell the guns).

  • Do not block NPCs around the map.

  • Do not bait people into attack you or arresting you; such as running around with an illegal weapon in front of Civil Protection to provoke them to arrest you

Basic Terms you may notice on the server

  • OOC - Out Of Character

  • IC - In Character

  • RDM - Random Death Match

  • NLR - New Life Rule

  • FDA - Fading Door Abuse

  • RDA - Random Arrest

  • Meta - Metagaming

  • CP - Police (Civil Protection)

  • Mod - Moderator

  • Admin - Administrator

  • SA - Super Admin

  • HA - Head Admin

  • SSA - Senior Super Admin
  • FDR - Founder

  • DCTAP - Disconnected To Avoid Punishment

  • L2AP - Leaving To Avoid Punishment

  • RP - Role-Play

  • IRL - In Real Life

RDM - Random Death Match

Random Death Match, literally means a random attempt to shoot a player or kill. All kills and opening fire(Using your weapon) threats must have a valid role-play reason, not all the valid reasons need to be written down, use your common sense, attempting to kill/damage someone without a valid RP reason will end up in a kick and if the situation is major, a ban(the staff decides the length).

Do not kill people when they leave your property or are not behind the KOS line.

For example:
  • If someone attempts to raid you and you kill him, it will NOT count as RDM.

  • If you just walk on the street, pull out your gun and kill someone without a reason at all, it will count as RDM.

  • If you don't like someone or you got killed recently by someone and you go back to him and kill him for revenge, maybe you even broke NLR and it's considered RDM.

NLR - New Life Rule

New life rule, this rule applies to you when you die, and means that you must not come back to the your death point within 3 minutes, or anywhere close to it. You must also forget all role-play related events of your character (for example you and you die, you must 'forget' that).

You can not return to your base if you died defending it from a raid until the raid is over, this includes sniping from a distance or shooting at your base from the outside. You will notice that you are still being raided when people are telling you to go outside, you can see that your stuff is being destroyed or you can use a camera which you must have placed before the raid started.

For example:
Someone raids you, while you go back to your base he is already gone, however it haven't been 3 minutes yet, you broke NLR.
Someone raids you and you die. You have waited 3 minutes and go back to your base. On the way you see the guy who raided you, you pull out your gun and you kill him, you broke NLR.
Someone raids you and you die. You have waited 3 minutes and act towards the players who raided you as if nothing has happened, you didn't break NLR.

Meta gaming

Do not metagame, ever:
  • You are not allowed to transfer any information from IC to OOC, or vice versa.

  • You are not allowed to base your actions on non-realistic stuff like seeing something through the wall(Keypad code you got while playing a different job, Name Tags, Drug Lab Tags, etc).

  • Don't place hits on people randomly, you may place hits on the Mayor, SAS Leader, SWAT Leader and the Police Chief randomly though.

  • Valid reason for a bounty would be when you place a bounty on the person who mugged you, kidnapped you and let you go, stole your car... Do not place bounties because you dislike the person or for giving you a warning earlier and keep in mind that there is still NLR, you can't place bounties for situations which happend in your previous life.


  • You may mug one player per 10 minutes.

  • You may not mug the same person within 25 minutes.

  • Maximum mug amount is $1,000! (Only the Genji can mug $2,000), 50$ when mugging hobos with no exceptions.

  • Only the gangsters/mob boss and Genji may mug.

  • If someone mugs you and you have your back turned to him you CAN'T pull out a gun and kill him, however you can kill a mugger if you already have a weapon out when someone mugs you and you're looking directly at him or with a fair distance between each other.

  • If you are being mugged while in an idle car, you may not drive away and must follow the mugger's orders (to a mugging RP extent, without breaking rules).

Hostage ( Kidnapping )

  • You may kidnap one player per 25 minutes.

  • You may not kidnap the same person within a hour.

  • Maximum hostage release fee amount is $15,000!

  • Only the gangsters / mob boss may kidnap.

  • You may only hold a hostage for 12 minutes.

  • What can count as illegal

    • Owning a printer.
    • Buying guns from gun dealer is legal, however only pistols are legal in public (Tec-9 and Glock 18 are illegal). All gun dealer guns are legal on your private property.
    • Buying guns from black market dealer is illegal. All BMD guns are legal on your private property and illegal in public.
    • Using/Owning illegal drugs and drug labs.
    • Using/Owning a knife is legal, however (Damascus sword and Machete are illegal).
    • The EMP Grenade is legal and can be used by CPS
    • Theft.
    • Raids.
    • Lockpicking/Keypad-cracking.
    • Pulling any kind of gun on a CP. (It's only KOS when you do Shoot the CP)
    • Life threatening someone. (Doing threats by actions or words)

  • Cars / Vehicles

    • You may carjack an idle car, the driver may drive off at their own risk.
    • You may carjack once every 10 minutes.
    • You are not allowed to steal cars unless you are thief or master thief.
    • Don't drive recklessly.

  • Organisations

    • You are not allowed to raid someone who is a member of your organisation.
    • You can only come to the aid of another player if you are in the same organisation. (e.g if someone is getting raided, you may not help defend them unless they are in your organisation).
    • You may not use the same organisation names as other organisation, if you caught doing so, you will be asked to change your organisation name by an admin.

  • Businesses

    • Legal businesses are banking, small arms selling (gun dealer), hospital,...
    • They may only employ security guards, they can't base with anyone from the bad guy job list.
    • The business owner may legally posses large weapons and so may its employees unless specified in the job rules.
    • Printing in a legit business is allowed unless specified in the job rules. (In terms of RP printing remains illegal except for the bank)
    • It is fail RP to raid a bank as CP, no matter what the reason.
    • Producing drugs or alcohol in a bank is fail RP.
    • The owner of a business may have up to 2 assistance's of the same class, e.g 3 Gun dealers for a store.
    • Medics may employ up to 2 drug dealers to produce morphine and aspirin, all other drugs are fail rp to produce in a medical centre.
    • The drug dealers may use 1 fading door to protect their drug labs - the Drugs may be sold to the public.
    • The medics are able to employ guards with heavy weapons but the medics themselves may only have a pistol.
    • They aren't allowed to build any base defences onto the hospital.
    • No money printing is allowed in the hospital or by any employees.
    • A business may employ as many guards as it likes.

  • Raiding

    • You may not raid the PD unless you have a hit on someone inside or if you are breaking someone out of jail, you can go as far as going inside the vault but only stay there for 5 minutes - don't camp on the 2nd floor or in the vault. You may steal valuables from the PD Vault if there's any(eg. Confiscated Weapons).
    • Large weapons are legal on private property (Property that the accused owns, is employed to work on or who's gang owns).
    • Don't raid someone if you know there is nothing to gain from it. EG: raiding a public open places.
    • You may not raid the same person within 25 minutes.
    • You DO NOT need to advert raids.
    • Once you're done with the base, leave it. Do not stay in the base for more than 5 minutes.
    • You aren't allowed to KOS someone for pointing a gun at your base.
    • Lock picking, keypad cracking and trespassing does make you KOS to the property owner.
    • A KOS line is not needed at a default rp door but is needed for an entrance that doesn't use a door.

  • Basing

    • There should always be at least one entrance that is accessible and not blocked to your base.
    • You may have only 2 fading doors for each entrance of a base (fading door can have up to 2 stacked props linked to the same keypad), it means that if someone will raid you, he must lockpick/keypad crack up to only 2 fading doors (don't make a fading door per room has it is not allowed), you may put one fading door (fading door cannot be stacked) for a printer safe (togglable).
    • Each base entrance fading door must have one (and only one) keypad on each side of the door.
    • A keypad must always be visible (no hiding them behind stuff, or making the person to look in a certain angle to see them), the keypad must be seen easily and always near the fading door.
    • Do not FDA (fading door abuse), it means holding the fading door opened for less then 4 seconds or using hotkeys, All fading doors must have at least 4 seconds delay before they close again!
    • Do not build base defences in the PD, apart from safes for storing weapons.
    • Don't extend your base past your RP property, this means you may not build on or above the pavement or road (except for hobos). 
    • One way panels are allowed, HOWEVER, you may only shoot through them if both raider and attacker can properly see eachother.
    • You can't have welded, unfrozen props on any part of your base and also that forces players to push through them to get somewhere or into the base.
    • You cannot use glow effect or glow effect abuse.
    • Between each fading door, there must be a space which can fit a minimum of 2 people.
    • To own a building, you must posses the majority of the RP doors.
    • No fake keypads.
    • No bright colours or plain textures that are painful to the eyes.
    • Shooting windows must be medium in width, and placed that way so both sides can see both parts of each other (you may not make a window where you see my head but I only see your legs). The window must be big enough so that your head and shoulders are visible.
    • You aren't allowed to KOS(Kill On Sight) someone for pointing a gun at your base.
    • Using one way props next to solid props to judge the position of players isn't allowed (example: http://i.imgur.com/G4Kyjoe.png).
    • If you're shooting window has a fading door, it must function the same as normal fading door, minimum close delay - 4 seconds.
    • You may not base above or involve in any way the toxic waste in the subway.
    • Only build the KOS line at your rp door/other entrance connected to you house. Don't extend the KOS line to the pavement or road and don't build Large walls outside of your property line (The physical building and any land within a fence/wall).
    • Do not make fake entrances or storage walls (no collided entrances, etc).
    • Both the raider and the defender must be able to deal the same amount of damage to each other at all times, neither should have to crouch.
    • UPDATED You can only build on certain roofs.
    • No skybasing (no flying platforms and etc, they must be supported by other props/walls).
    • Do not build on the street unless you are a hobo.
    • You may not force anyone to crouch/jump in your base.
    • Lock picking, keypad cracking and trespassing does make you KOS to the property owner. A KOS line is not needed at a default rp door but is needed for an entrance that doesn't use a door.
    • No collide defences are not allowed.
    • The lake is a PUBLIC place, don't block it.
    • No basing in Drivable Train/Metro.
    • You may not claim multiple room buildings as a single person, you must have a person for each room. You may only claim a building with multiple room if you're a hotel owner. You MAY NOT claim districts any more.
    • You are not allowed to use advanced duplications which use any of the banned tools ingame (rope, trails,...)
    • You're not allowed mazes in your base what so ever, no windy/turny/long corridors that delays a player to get in the base as well.
    • Trapdoors aren't allowed in your base(You can't have something that makes players get trapped or fall in your base as it makes the base very difficult to raid).
    • If a base has the potential to break one of these rules then it still counts, no work around!
    • Your illegal items can't be visible to anyone who's not fully inside of the base (if you can see the illegal possesions without lockpicking or keypad cracking a fading door).
    • You cannot shoot through non-transparent materials, multiple layers of a blurred material which makes it impossible to see through or material models/shadertest/shader3. The person you are shooting at should be able to properly see you at all times.
      You may not defend your base purely with grenades as this makes it impossible to get raided.
    • You may not force people to shut the rp door to proceed into the base.
    • NEW! Your shooting window must have different material when it is open to when it is closed. The person you are shooting at must have clear indication that your shooting window is open.

Thx for reading the darkrp rules
Kindn regards
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