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Name of admin: General Hans

Reason: Sexual rp

Time: Permanently  banned

Steam name:Street

RP name: Jeffery Street

Steam ID: STEAM_0:114584335

  When i was trying to find a new SCP rp sever to play I notice three things.
1.There was alot of RDM and the admins did nothing.The infinity gaming sever had verry little RDM and the admins would  punish anyone who RDM ed

2.There was no community no cared if SCP-106 breached or if there was a gun fight no cared about you.The infinity gaming sever had a a community everyone knew there job and cared if SCP-106 breached.

3.It was not the same the severs where diffrent in a bad way for example one severs spawn was placed so everyone would be stuck and there was chaos.The infinity gaming sever organized.

Last words

I lied to the admin about what I did that was placeing a text say 'free porn' I only wanted it for a few secends but a admin seen it.When I was lieing and I had a thought that lieing would make it worst so I said I lied but the admin did not see it becouse he was giving me a ban.I beg please unban me and let me play even reset me level just let me play.
Reduced to 1 months
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[Image: unknown.png]
that steam id is not banned nor is your name
[Image: 28598429b5e4b2949ee91c5257f756aedfd1506b...9ba68b.jpg]
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