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KingdomRP, my thoughts and suggestions
First of all, the tutorial is a great way to introduce new players into the server, Bravo

The server is also well balanced and classes seem like they have nice shop items to match like the noble chest for nobles

The biggest and most major problem however is that the server is almost entirely lacking any form of progression
sure there is progression, but it isn't player controlled. The only way to really level is to be on the server (100 exp per 5 mins).
That combined with the fact that there are little to no features that make this server unique from the other templates of kingdomrp is what will likely make this server doomed to fail( by all means though, prove me wrong)

Here's how I would go about adding flavor to the server:

1.First add some more classes, and spice up each faction a little bit more 

When i say add classes I don't mean more VIP classes, I think the best way to appeal to get VIP sales is to add really interesting and unique classes that people feel really compelled to play
like a dragon or deity (try not to make it op, but you get the point, it just sounds INTERESTING) instead of things like Wizard, or Knight

Having classes like Wizard or Knight as VIP will Irk a future base and likely just draw them away from the server


I cannot stress how important this is for a player base, without it you'll just have people who are on for moments just to see what the server is, purposefully minge around and then likely leave or get kicked.

progression is the thing that will draw people into the server and keep them playing it, and it needs to be player controlled

Things like mining could have levels (a mod called gmining implements this well, but it does cost around $7)
Having items like printers or exp books that will level you faster (this may permit raising levels)
Having things like a stat system could be a nice edition as well, whereas for every level the player would recieve a point and could invest it into stats that would effect every character

3. Make things Unique

Now that you have people on by progression add unique things that make them want to get more gold(mounts, buffs, cool items) or get higher levels (i mentioned this before with unique and more classes)
Having a different map from the current map would be a right step too, the kingdomrp map you guys are using is like that one darkrp map that everyone uses and hates
Add things like a more engaging combat system or even alchemy like a lot of kingdomrp servers are currently doing
NPC's would be a great addition too and help give bored players something to do in offtime(mobs that you fight in wilderness for exp, gold, or just because)

4. Playerbase

There needs to be a heavy push to trying to get as many people onto the server as possible, whether its by advertising the server differently, hosting events, or creating memorable experiences that make people invite their friends

I get that there is that get 2 levels for inviting two people thing but frankly the server needs to be more interesting before most people will even bother sending friends an invite

Hope this wasn't harsh or rude! I was just trying to aim for some constructive criticism. Best of luck!
Lol dont ask for anything to be added wyde wont update anytime soon
Things here that will need to be added on the server cannot be.
I will speak to Bram about trying to get some kind of improvement.

Thread Closed.
Thanks, Mr McGrady.
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wyde will never update don't bother
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Hahahaha, if you manage to get an update it will be maybe 2 jobs mate, Good luck XD
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Love From Jesus!
(03-12-2018, 09:58 AM)Jesus Wrote: Hahahaha, if you manage to get an update it will be maybe 2 jobs mate, Good luck XD

why are you commenting on dead threads

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