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Unban Request, Old staff
Name of the admin that banned you: Jewsie

Your RP name: I dont remember, it was half a year ago

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:98543122

Reason for the ban: I dont want to come back to that think, if Oclexe or Bram want to know im gonna tell them imidietly. Sorry its complicated

Length of your Ban: Forever

Screen Message during your connection: https://imgur.com/a/UWqaC

explanations: My story began a year ago / half a year ago when my friend FiguSS offered me to be a staff for the IG, I asked Mr. Spoon who after 3 days accepted my request, everything was fine. After a few months I became an administrator from the moderator. At this point, the spoon was starting to become a very strange person who too much could be misused his powers (he hid it from the higher rank). After some time, it turned out that the spoon did not like me too much which resulted in spying on me at every step, until finally he learned that if someone asked what is going on I nodded that probably some "revolution". He used the word saying that it was me who started this whole "revolution" without any reason. I have been demoted for nothing. I was pissed off, out of my nerves I was looking for help, nobody helped because I was afraid that it would be the same as me. I decided that there is no point in continuing this, so with hatred for the spoon and a great sadness that I landed without controlling myself, I said various unpleasant things to Bego. I apologized all over, but still feel that I still do not like me. I have changed, I want to help this server again as it used to be in a better and more compliant way. For those who know what's going on I'm sorry once again. I hope you are reading Bram, i really want to show you that im a nice guy who wants to be a friend with you again..
[Image: Pitstop.gif]
Waiting for Answer.
[Image: Pitstop.gif]
i dont really know you but i heard about what happened i hope you come back

Why should I apologize for the monster i've become? No one ever apologized for making me this way.[Image: 53497512c17566c643170fb162217daf1abb2fd9...0d39ba.jpg]
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