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Unban Request
Name of the admin that banned you:SOnic

Your RP name: alpha  squad leader Dr. B

Your Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:25062439

Reason for the Ban:Trolling

Length of your Ban:perm

Screen Message during your connection: https://gyazo.com/2d5cfedc5c2bea0c13949483a7cb2479

explanations so i joined in and well people were just messing around so i joined in it was all fun and then sonic got mad becuse i tazed him once. then later on i was messing with eye pods (131A and 131B) then i see him runing as a class d so i flame him. he sounded real mad and so in the sit i tazed him then i fired him. after that he was yelling "YOU ARE GEING PERM BAN NOW!!!" and it was all fun. do you think i will torll just to troll i love this server that is why i got gold. i know what i did was ban and i hope i get get it reduced Thank you


I think it was kinda harsh to give you a perm ban, but you still did something wrong.

Next time (if you get unbanned) don't taze people in sits.
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I need more opinions on this one, staff please reply.
First of all: Tazing Class D's is not allowed because the tazer is only for SCP's
Second: Tazing and then killing while being in a sit is a total no go and everyone should know that
Lowered to 2 months
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thank you so much

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