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Chris Cross being too sensitive
Your Name: Lorne Malvo
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:79376588

Name of the admin: Chris Cross

The admins steamID: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198090737956

How did the admin abuse: I said in OOC chat 'no wonder this server died' and got a 3 day ban for 'server diss'.

Proof: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fi...1292936250
Actually sir you are quite incorrect because you began to get aggravated because we would not give you VIP when we were handing it back to other players because of the maintenance we did on the server after we asked you to provide proof that you have vIP on the server you refused to give it to us and then we denied giving you VIP because you could not provide any proof and then you begin to start freestyling out of aggravation and then we start warning you and telling you to stop and then you start disrespecting staff then we warn you for that and then you start disrespecting the server and then I banned you I could have banned you for longer but I didn't because I was trying to be a nice guy but hey I tried

According to my calculations, this is a -1 in my book 
Hogwarts roleplay 

Denied due to lack of evidence as well as I was there at the time and agreed with the ban.
[Image: giphy.gif][Image: giphy.gif]
How can you say that i'm 'incorrect' and that there is a 'lack of evidence' when the screen shot of the logs clearly shows I was banned for 'server disrespect'. Also how come the same rules don't apply to the VIP that killed me and attacked me 3 times in a row and was warned with an advert in chat saying 'don't free spell' even though I spammed in admin chat to help me? You say that you 'were there at the time' yet you don't teleport and deal with my report on someone constantly attacking me.

Also the VIP thing was a joke, it's pretty stupid that I actually have to tell you that and me not getting VIP didn't 'aggravate' me since I wasn't VIP in the first place and was joking. It seems as if you are either using that as an excuse to justify the ban, lack a sense of humour (wouldn't surprise me since you're easily offended) or you're just a little dim. I disrespected the VIP that killed me in OOC and you thought I was talking about you and I explained in admin chat i wasn't, so again another lie. Although i'm good at 'freestyling' i didn't use my mic in game as i will only rap when zoey decides to sing to me but if by that you mean free spelling I only attacked the VIP that attacked me first and was never warned. You only warned me for sitting on another players head who was fine with it and 'disrespecting' staff which i pointed out in OCC I wasn't talking to you.
If you really want me to upload all the evidence then it will take some time but I will only do so if there will be an actual punishment for Chris since I don't think he is worthy of being an admin.
I hope you know you only digging a hole deeper for yourself and if I'm not worthy of being admin how did the hell did I make it all way to senior super admin on This Server before I resigned
Hogwarts roleplay 

stop disrespecting this staff team. As he already said he was SSA AND he RESIGNED meaning he did lost his rank on his one will showing he was good. This has been denied. Any other comments will get a forum warn/ban this is closed

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