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Player Report: Cruz Vorman Reason: Abuse Of Character and Spell.
(1) Date: 13.02.2018

(2) Your In-Game Name: Quinn Foley

(3) Their Name: Cruz Vorman

(4) Their SteamID: Steam_0:0:47682093

(5) What they did wrong: Abusing Carpe Retractum as an Auora as not a VIP player outside of Roleplay when not appropriate on myself and other players leading to being killed as pulling us to ceilings or down corridors.

(6) Evidence (Must be provided): See attached image of console

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this proof doesn't showed he used it on other player or even killed people it only shows that he used the spell


© Bram Elyisum
[Image: 26204015ba8533fc901aebdbe2d84606e7e8effe...3999b9.jpg]
That's the point It won't show you being killed because you are killed by being slammed into the Wall or Ceiling which registers the same as fall damage because the spell isn't designed to be a damage dealing one.

I just tested by going onto the server and dying due to fall damage simulating this effect and misuse of the spell and the console will not record this?

Attaching the second screenshot of the test.

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