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I will be resigning for now due to the fact that it's best for the staff team. I am not active enough and I know that. Therefore I am resigning because they deserve an active SSA. I have a lot of things going on in my life right now. I do not have enough time to be SSA like I wish I could as well as it is also obviously a lot of people do not want me as SSA. For those people, I am sorry you felt that way about me. But overall I believe that the staff team and community deserves a more active SSA. I may return in the summer but as of now, I do not have any time. Thanks for understanding and feel free to message me if you want. ^-^ <3 
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No one has replied yet? Welp even tho I didn't get to know you closer you still seemed like a nice person so yep. Have fun in the future! You will be missed.
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Hope you have fun in the future.

Ex SCPRP Admin

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