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SCP-RP High Staff team...
I abused that bad, thats why i was demoted right, wait i wasnt. i was not power hungry i never was. "you getting more power" we were same rank and you lied on a document, that I had proof on. If you respond to this look for drama I'll ban you perm, cus me and bram both dont like drama
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also why are you targeting me. I have nothing to do with this. If anything i made it easier on bubbles and helped it help. By unblacklisting him, making so he can come back.
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The server has it's upsides but.. It's overshadowed by all the downsides. Been like this for a long time apparently.
" Evil is Evil. Lesser, greater, middling... Makes no difference. The degree is arbitrary, The definitions blurred; If I'm to choose between one evil and another I'd rather not choose at all. "

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What happened while I was gone?
Cheese Burger

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