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Making a proper one with evidence.
last time I checked witnesses didn't count as proof.
Idk if that's the same here.
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Abusive staff will receive a punishment.
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(03-11-2018, 12:21 AM)General Hans Wrote: %Neutral untill Yeeto responds with his argument.


Question, in one of these I see Slav man seting you health and tping to you. Is he apart of this report
im not i was fixing tikka randy's health because yeeto somehow set his health to -9999999 so i had to set his healthy to 99999999999 (longer amount and then set it back to 10000

(03-11-2018, 11:40 AM)Thisguy Wrote: last time I checked witnesses didn't count as proof.
Idk if that's the same here.

shhhhhhhhh  Big Grin
I was where when this was happening. I set Randy's health to 10,000 as he was playing 666, so yeeto and slav could stop saying "we didnt know what his health was" (Come on who actually thinks 666's health is 1) I told yeeto and slav to stop abusing multiple times but they continued with shitty excuses.
Also, Ducks slayed several people without reason with the excuse, "Nuke time".

Anyway, here's proof:


[Image: 6f5a9832d0.jpg]
-Shrimp <3
I didn't give any excuse which said "Nuke Time" so that's invalid. I killed everyone because someone set off the nuke and it was pretty obvious it was in fact down time because 3 of the initial 6 people who were on were afk and then Yeeto joined and we were having fun. I was in ts with slav, yeeto and tikka, who were the only people aside from shrimp who were not afk but shrimp was also messing around, and overall it was just a laugh. Stop being over-dramatic. xoxo
see arnt these afk people meant to be kick and with with that many people there is not enough breachable scp's to set off the nukes. Snake knows about this ducks and has said he will speak to you tomorrow about it this thread is closed anymore responses will result in forum warnings
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