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The Dark Forces won boys
Hogwarts is closed, nobody is going to that bad school anymore. Lord Wyde finally won. Him and his dark forces have made the server unplayable and only the loyal wizards return. We must fight the patriarchy that is Infinity Gaming's owners. We must repent. How you say?
Open your eyes my boys, look at my signature. 

I've been calling out these dark forces for a long time and in secret. Make memes, put it as your signature and everytime a dark force sees you post. He will be triggered by your signature.
This is us, fighting for what we want. We want new maps, we want new spells, we want players back and the dark forces in charge aren't delivering. 

This is 100% not a shitpost, this is real life. As a level 100 Minecraft PvPer in a Christian server using nothing but slap swep and holy water. You must follow me.
"You're the worst person to join the server and I love you for it" - Rhys Blackwood. Ex-HRP SSA. 
"Kill yourself Meme, I hate you" - Jax Teller.
Loved by everyone, here's proof: https://imgur.com/a/uY6kb[Image: TW3MA9x.jpg]
I'm in , i want new updates , spells , and i want the players back! Smile don't demote me plees haha

Nobody can give you freedom Nobody can give you equality or justice if your a man you take it - Malcolm X
Ill put all my life savings into to his protest, which ammounts to £1
i started here few years ago , and i can tell you wyde is looking in to it for a new map Smile
(04-05-2018, 05:47 PM)Malfoy Wrote: i started here few years ago , and i can tell you wyde is looking in to it for a new map Smile

the new map is out for like a month he just hasnt been assed to switch it
[Image: tumblr_mbj7o2UBKD1qfbwkto1_500.gif]

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