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Name of the admin that banned you: Jewsie 

Your RP name: Banks (Something like that because dis was long ago)

Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:156581603

Reason for the Ban: I think it was disrespect

Length of your Ban: 9857340957834056 Years

Screen Message during your connection: banned

explanations: I am an old school admin from wayyy back in the early days of IG called Dr Zoidberg.
Anyway I want to join the server again because it seems to be getting players again an i want to join back into the community.
you shouldnt be banned this long for disrespect unless it was racism, or a insane diss lmao, i think you should be unbanned.
Have you got a screenshot of the reason or the connection screen if so put them into the requests. Disrespect is only a ban if it is mass disrespect to staff or players so are you sure you was banned for disrespect?
[Image: 25p0kgp.jpg]
Just staff after I got demoted by floretta
its been over 10 days
You are being unbanned
[Image: hvFadl.gif]

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